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    Traveling at Light Speed: Is the Speed Constant?

    Ok. going to be a little hard to ask this question clearly I think. So the speed of light is always constant no matter how fast you are going. So if you were traveling at the speed of light, would the light still be going faster than you at 300,000 km/s (or however fast it is) or would it be the...
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    What is a Black Hole Actually Made Of?

    ok. So they are smaller than I thought. Thanks for the help.
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    What is a Black Hole Actually Made Of?

    OK. Black holes. I know they are a super dense thing but made up of what? The remnants of its former stardom? Ash? What is a black hole actually made of? These things facsinate me.
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    Infinite universe

    ARRRRGGGG! If the universe is finite, what is Outside the universe?!? This puzzels me.
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    Logic Lovers

    I think it's false...i think...i think... i think...
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    The Mysterious Process of Making It

    I was wondering what it is made of exactly and if there are different ways of making it. Also what the process of making it is. Ha! No I'm not trying to take over the world. Just wondering. Thanks.
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    Medical Distracted excercising

    I think that if you are distracted from certain activities you are able to do them better. Mostly the ones that have already been listed like running and biking. I listen to music while doing these things and if I don't have my CD player I can usually just think about things and become distracted.
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    Mgnetic field

    So would there also be compass orientations on the bottom of the ocean from sea floor spreading?
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    Medical Are Animals Right or Left-Handed?

    Depends. Do they have hands?
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    Mgnetic field

    Yes, the poles do reverse every so often. I'm not sure how they do it though. I just know that we can see it in rocks. Rock keeps a long history of where the poles were at such and such time. They do this like a compase with a needle. The poles attract certain elements in the rock, which make...
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    Monkey monkey,10117,15891104-13762,00.html [Broken] wow. *shakes head* Can't find a link? Make your own today!
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    Will we ever get to the center of the earth?

    I don't think we will ever reach the center of the earth. Even if we made a machine that could withstand the pressure, I think it would probably melt. And if it didn't, the people inside would unless there was some kind of cooling system. Even then the probability of reaching it wouldn't be very...
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    Did You Knaw?

    That's amazing?
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    Sleeping late and eating late

    Ummmm... I think it would not be morning. We say good morning before 12 and good afternoon after 12. So to us (people who stay up late and wake up late) it would be the morning but in fact it wouldn't, it would be afternoon. If that makes sense.
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    Sleeping late and eating late

    I aw well stay up till around 12 or 1 and wake up around 11 or 12. I also eat late at night and I'm not fat so I personally don't see anything wrong with that. It's really not cool during the school year though.
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    Evolution = years of natural selection?

    pattylou "Man are apes. What would a half-man, half ape look like? A chimp? Perhaps... an aborigine? A pygmy? A Homo floresiensis?" Well I must disagree with that. pattylou"If you want to see us change into a new species, plan on sticking around through (1) several hundred thousand years...
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    Does music effect your mood?

    Well I couldn't get a direct link to the song but you can find it on almost any music search I'm sure. It's a song called "Join me" by HIM. Nothing personal I just had to get that off my chest. I think it's pretty relaxing...kinda. Also, I tried that chord progression you gave me on my guitar...
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    Does music effect your mood?

    Not a metal fan huh? And my spelling has nothing to do with the mood I'm in, which is rather like this... :cool:
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    Does music effect your mood?

    Hello. The Q is, as before stated, can music effect your mood?(affect or effect?) Anyway, my mom and I have had arguments about this more than a few times. She says that me listening to metal makes me agry. Is there any scientific proof that this happens? Examples... Metal= angry country=...
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    The hardest logical puzzle according to George Boolos

    well da means yes in Russian and Ja means yes in German so we have a couple funked up gods here.
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    Evolution = years of natural selection?

    Well, first I'd like to have a qeustion that may have to go unanswered. How long approximatly did it take for the single celled organisms to change into something like say a fish. Probably quite some time I'm guessing. Now, how long have humans been estimated to walk the earth? Also for quite...
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    Universal religion

    I think that it is an impossibility (or pretty darn close to it) to unify all religion into a single church synid. Mutual understanding, maybe but not all together as brothers and sisters. Christianity isn't even unified all the way. You have different twists on this that or the other thing. So...
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    Instant sober-up

    HA HA HA! ROGL! O man. I think you got it there.
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    Instant sober-up

    good urmm or bad urrrmm? I know, it must taste a lot like this. :yuck: or :cry: or :eek:. Anyways, yeah its got to be gross.
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    Destruction of our universe through collision with parallel

    I don't even believe in parallel universes. How can it be proven? Can we get there? Is it tangible?(you know what I mean. Can we get there and live in it?) Until we can prove that there are parallel universes, I would stop worrying about us all dying in the blink of an eye. That's not how this...
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    Instant sober-up

    yeah. I've never tried this but my uncle says it works. You just drink about a half a cup of olive/vegetable oil... I think its olive, that coats the inside of your stomach. I makes it so that the alchol isn't absorbed as quickly into the blood stream, thus enabling you to have a clear head. I...
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    What's your area and level of expertise?

    wow. You people are all old. (no offense). I'm still in bloody high school and I guess I'm leaning a lot more towards a career in Biology more than anything. So that's about it. It might change later on. Can't really say for certain yet.
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    What Makes Natural Breasts the Size They Are?

    Lured me in and shot me down. ha!
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    When did time begin?

    Well personally, I think that there was "time" if you will, before the bb. We can never know about it though. There may not have been a universe or anything else in it. It may have been a kind of state of nothingness. I guess we'll just never know for sure.
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    The earths like shield

    Ha ha ha! The last part of this post is a very good way to describe it. :rofl:
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    The earths like shield

    Must I say more? Ha. Inside joke.
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    The bands of the gas giants

    Makes sense.
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    The bands of the gas giants

    Well, I'm going to attempt to anwer the first Q. I think that it might be similar to our Coriolus Effect, except for the fact of course that its on Saturn or Jupiter. It may be so defined because of different gases in the air. Our winds change at rather exact points. Though we can't really see...