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    Transferring to new school with bad grades

    Most likely not. How would you justify this to your new school? Would you just not put it on your new application? If you did that you'd essentially be lying on your application. Take some of your lower score classes over again take more classes to bring you GPA up. Get your GPA up to a level...
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    Autmotive Engineering

    You might think the two go hand in hand but in reality they are very different fields. The two fields work together to produce a final product the the approaches are different. Automotive design is a much more artistic endeavor. Interiors and exteriors are drawn up by designers with...
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    Autmotive Engineering

    A lot of engine design classes are simply lumped into ME electives. Look into the actual class offerings for Mechanical engineers (senior level and above) to see if they have specific engine design or fundamentals classes. Most uni's don't offer a specific "Auto eng" path because the maths and...