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    LaTeX Inserting an Excel Table in a LaTeX Document

    export your excel file as a csv file then use the csv file to make a latex table.
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    MATLAB MATLab matrix question

    You reference elements like this: Given any matrix M=[a1,a2,a3,...,an; . . . m1,m2,m3,...,mn] an element is accessed by referenceing its row and column position. So, M(c,10) would return the element loacted in the third row, 10th column.
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    MATLAB Matlab help with a design problem

    MATLAB is balking at taking the inverse function of E. Your elements of E don't work. NaN means Not A Number and that is showing up because the inverse of your E matrix is infinity thus a matrix times infinity yields NaN.
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    MATLAB Understanding the mod(x,y) Command in MATLAB

    mod is the modulus of command. A modulus is essentially the remainder of a division process. Here's a few examples: 4/2=2 R=0--2 goes evenly into 4 thus there is no remainder. so, mod(4,2) would give a result of 0 9/4=2 R=1--4 goes into 9 twice leaving a remainder of 1 so...
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    MATLAB ARGH Matlab trouble

    ARGH! Matlab trouble! Ok, I'm having a big problem as described here: Basically, I've never used MATLAB and was given an assignment on friday which requires that I use matlab. First off, could someone please help me with my projectile...
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    LaTeX Where can I find LaTex ? PLEASE HELP !

    Windows: Linux: Distro CD is easiest source Mac OS: There's a link to the i-Installer It's easy to use once you learn how. It's quick and efficient. Good starting points: [Broken]...
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    LaTeX Default value of Section in Latex

    \begin{enumerate} \item[9.]some stuff here \item[10.]some more stuff here \end{enumerate}
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    LaTeX Default value of Section in Latex

    I've used LaTeX a bit more than the average person I'd say. I'm not a professional typesetter by any means but I can put some good looking stuff together with the help of LaTeX. If you can type fast the LaTeX is definately the fastest way to put together a good report. Typing {\bf yadda yadda...
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    LaTeX Default value of Section in Latex

    Ohhh, linear algebra notes huh? Add this line somewhere before your \begin{document}: \newtheorem{eqn}{Equation}[section] You probably have a two or three line block below the page layout section and prior to the title section if you're using a latex template (that's where I've seen it with...
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    LaTeX Default value of Section in Latex

    You can't. You can surpress sections and use subsections to number 1.3, 1.4, ... 1.n like this: \begin{document} \setcounter{section}{1} \section*{} \setcounter{subsection}{2} \subsection{Label this} \end{document} You need to use subsections to append the numbering after the initial...
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    LaTeX Default value of Section in Latex

    If I'm reading your question correctly then this should have worked: \begin{document} \section{Some Section} \setcounter{subsection}{2} \subsection{Some subsection starting at 1.3} \end{document} Are you using subsections?
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    LaTeX Default value of Section in Latex

    Here: [Broken] enjoy
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    LaTeX Default value of Section in Latex

    \setcounter{subsection}{2} the 1 comes from the section tag the .3 comes from the subsection tag if you set the subsection couter to 2 then then next time you use the subsection tag it will display as three. I'm sure there's another way to do it, but I've always used the above. Good...