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  1. Repetit

    Software for creating good illustrations for reports and articles?

    Hey... Can someone recommend good software for creating 2D illustrations for articles and reports? I've been using SmartSketch for a while, but I don't really like it. Thanks
  2. Repetit

    Formulas in MSN Messenger

    Yes, I could... But that isn't exactly easy. It would be much nicer if it was possible to use LaTeX codes. I suppose no one has made a pluging which allows this yet... :-( It exists for the Linux Messenger client GAIM though, but the plugin has not been ported to Windows.
  3. Repetit

    Formulas in MSN Messenger

    Does someone know of a good plugin to Messenger allowing for easy math typesetting? For example a plugin which allowed the use of LaTeX codes? Writing math in messenger is certainly a pain, especially because of the smileys (they can be turned off, I know, but anyway : - ). An easy way to write...