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    Vinegar and Soda

    Yeah, the solution did contain sodium silicate as you predict earlier. So what could be the side effect chemical equation that produced silicate acid? Anyway, thanks for your advice.
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    Vinegar and Soda

    I meant the solution of sodium carbonate and sodium silicate.
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    Vinegar and Soda

    Recently, I mixed vinegar and soda water together in a plate, but the result was confusing. Since soda water contain sodium silicate and sodium ash, the result should be soluble, as sodium salts always dissolve in the water. However, in the experiment, I get some white pieces which can't...
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    How to erase pen writing by chemical?

    Pen is a common tool for writing, but it is difficult to erase them if errors occur. There's some ways to erase the pen writing, such as liquid paper and sand rubber. However, using liquid paper is not really tidy, while sand rubber might make a hole in your paper! :smile: I heard that blue...