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    Continuing with physics

    I suggest you suplement the feynman lectures, with something else. As entertaining as they are, they aren't a very suitable introduction to physics(buy them anyway though).
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    Is it necessary to be precocious?

    Very well said. It unfortunate that high school is full of people like that!
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    Studying Studying a lot, not getting enough sleep

    I'm just stressed that i haven't graduated from high school yet(15 years old). I've mastered the curriculum, yet no one bothers to give me the exaqms to get out. Anyway I'm highjacking this thread. I also eat very little.
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    Studying Studying a lot, not getting enough sleep

    Hard to explain, but simply put, I always feel very sick when I wake up.
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    Is it necessary to be precocious?

    A child prodigy would do calc before he's eleven, quantum theory and general relativity when he's 13. He is however, rather precocious. Maybe I have very high standards when it comes to mathematical prodigies. Alot of youngsters do calc and such when they're fifteen. Again you probably...
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    Studying Studying a lot, not getting enough sleep

    I HATE sleeping. Its just the most horrible feeling imaginable. I prefer to use a few red bulls when necessary.
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    Is it necessary to be precocious?

    :rolleyes: No it really isn't. I'm "precocious" but look at where I've ended up:cry: . Better to have a strong work ethic, combined with somewhat high intelligence. Also precocity is not necessarily synonymous with high intellect, just look at me! Oh and you seem fairly precocious to me anyway!
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    Calc I: Possible to Self-Teach?

    Calculus is a lovely tool used to solve certain fundamental problems. The mian ones are the area beneath an arbitrary curve, and the other is the slope of a tangent line. Let me give you an idea as to how to do this. Say you're driving in your car and you want to know how fast you're going...
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    Studying A quick question about textbook quality

    Why is that i always see and hear people complaining about textbooks? It is true that there are many bad textbooks but why do they buy them? Can't they read reviews or ask around like i do? Also there are many good textbooks and as a self learner I think my opinion counts for something. A...
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    Studying Looking to start studying real mathematics.

    hi physics forum. As many of you know, I've been studying general relatvity(its going quite well), but I'd like to delve into real rigorous mathematics. so essentially I'm looking for introductiosn to various topics, especially topology abstract algebra and differential geometry. Could someone...