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    What is in the strange point?

    When universe is still a strange point, what is in the universe? (asume big bang did happen and universe was created in a certain time)
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    What Is Needed To Make An Intelligent Species?

    Being inteligent is a great advantage for surviving. But actually, what is the determine factor to be inteligent? :rolleyes:
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    White holes and the big bang

    From what astrologists know, particles were created after Big Bang from energy. For more information, read The Brief History of Time from Stephen Hawking.
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    Black Hole Thought

    When a particle pair drop into black hole, the positive energy will turn into negative energy and vice-versa due to the strong gravity force of black hole. Thus, the negative energy drop into the black hole and decrease the energy of the black hole. According to E=mc^2, the mass of black hole...