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    Smoking Question

    Alright, this is kind of odd but it's really bothering me so I have to know. My roommate continually smokes hookah and I can't figure out for the life of me why when he sucks on the hose, air comes OUT and bubbles into the water. (1) Conservation of mass? Where's the extra air coming from...
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    Simple Dynamics Help

    I'm sorry, did I say interference fit? I meant slip fit. I'm simply trying to express the force exerted as a function of friction, spring coefficient, velocity, etc. I already know the general amount of force that will be exerted but I have to tell a computer how to react to input with a formula.
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    Simple Dynamics Help

    The experiment is an analysis of the hypothesis that simple dynamic systems with < 3 degrees of freedom can be correctly simulated by haptic simulations. It's an opener to a catheter insertion simulation research project.
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    How do I stick the panel onto the shaft so it can rotate ?

    If it isn't too late...from the 3rd picture from your post on the 6th, it looks like you want it to attach to the rod in a parallel fashion. If you have access to a mill and some aluminum or a saw and some wood you can do the following: Get 2 L-brackets and place them facing away from each other...
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    Simple Dynamics Help

    So initially it is at rest (x=0) and I pull on it so that it translates a few cm's. I then pull less and less on it until it returns to x=0 at which point the amount of friction present disallows oscillation. The point of this is to measure the voltage potential in the forearm muscles during the...
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    Why Does Reynolds Analogy Overestimate Heat Transfer?

    As far as I know the analogy is best used for gases. If there is profile drag or a liquid, the assumption cannot be used. Again, it's been a while so I could be wrong.
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    Internship questions

    It depends on how adamant you are about doing an internship in aerodynamics. Several of my friends did an internship at NASA so you should probably look at that if you haven't already done so. If you are looking for research experience in general, send me an e-mail to and I can...
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    Simple knife-edge (aerodynamics) question.

    Same reason as a football. Not exactly a knife edge but the concept still applies. If the backside of a football were flat, the stagnated air behind the ball would be a lower pressure than the air in the front creating drag from the high-to-low force pushing back on the ball. For components, the...
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    Simple Dynamics Help

    Hmm can I use Lame's equations for the interference stress then multiply by the surface area for the normal force? That would just give me F(t) = mass·dv/dt + k·x + mu·N Did I leave anything out?
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    Simple Dynamics Help

    Sorry, I didn't make it clear enough. There is a good amount of friction from the fit so there is no oscillation, but the spring is strong enough to pull the mass back to or near enough to the starting position. The entire system is horizontal as well. The mass is made of 1040 steel so I'm...
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    Simple Dynamics Help

    My model is similar to a piston: a rod is connected to a steel cylindrical mass within a pvc pipe. The other end of the mass is connected to a spring which is fixed at its other end. One pulls on the rod to create tension and a displacement of a few centimeters while their arm is connected to a...