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    Many body 2nd order energy shift of ground state

    This is more of a math question I suppose, but its in the context of calculating the second order energy shift in the ground state energy for a non relativistic collection of electrons. We end up showing that the energy shift has a finite and divergent piece. The divergent bit is proportional...
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    Separable Scattering

    Homework Statement Obtain the analytic expression for the N-channel T-matrix assuming a separable potential. Hint: assume that T is proportional to V. Specialise your answer to N=1 and perform the required integral to get an explicit form for T, assume the given form for g(k)...
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    Force on a Torus.

    Yeah, that was the TeX problem. Thanks :) Also, it might be of interest to know that: \left| r_{i,j} \right| = min( \left| x_i - x_j \right|, L - \left| x_i - x_j \right| )
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    Force on a Torus.

    The problem is with calculating the force of a particle by another particle while both particles lie on a torus. By this I mean, if particle i and j are in a box (LxL) and particle i is on the left edge of the box and particle j is on the right edge of the box, the distance used in the force...