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    Stargazing Astrophotography photos

    March 3rd lunar eclipse
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    What is it going to be

    I was pottering around the garden this morning and found this ... Does anyone know what it is (if your post is going to be along the lines of "It's a caterpillar" then don't bother posting) and what it might become? ty
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    Rock, paper, scissors revisited

    Pablo Escobar beats (literally) small time exporter.
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    I thought you still needed help. Not being one for shocking fish with such "physical" means, I prefer electrocution, has a fish ever slapped back? (noobies initiation not counting).
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    I`m not sure of the recipe but i know George and Barbara Bush got it right! Why if it`s called a pound does it cost £150 to get your car back?
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    Indoor Soccer

    I used to play a little 6-a-side footy but stopped when i moved 2 years ago. I don`t miss it too much, rolling subs used to kill me. :outabreathsmilie:
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    I realized that i`ve been lurking in the basement of PF for a little over a year, so i thought it time to step out of the shadows and share another pic of me, hope you all like it.
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    Rock, paper, scissors revisited

    Linux.OSF.8759 beats linux user
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    News Need help with a descriptor

    how about topographic view
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    Schools Question on relationship between undergrad school and gradaute school in the UK

    Don`t let what Baggio said put you off. No matter what uni you decied to go to, most of what you learn is self taught. The lectures talk about a subject and give you the main/ important pionts but you have got to go away and read around the subject to get a full understanding if you don`t...
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    Schools Uk university choice

    What did you think of the cities? A large part of uni life is the social side. If you can`t decied between the two on facilities consider the night life, cost of living and how far from home it is, after all you will go back home some times and keeping costs down is important. Pesonally i`d...
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    Science Humor: A Wide Selection

    Explain what? The joke or why eax doesn`t 'get it' ??!?
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    Physics in the UK

    Yep, they sure do. [Broken]
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    Physics in the UK

    I`m currently attending Uni at swansea, reading for a degree in Physics. I chose swansea mainly because of the location (it`s my home town!). The physics department is rank 8thin the country ( i forget who with i'll check and post on monday to confirm the table) and has some very exciting...
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    Finding a research position.

    I went and spoke with the head of the Physics department at the university I attend today and he has agreed to give me a research position without a grant. I too missed a deadline for my application and my uni doesn`t have the funds to pay me but i stressed how i wanted the experience of...
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    Rock, paper, scissors revisited

    Warhead remains un-damaged by hippie with stick.
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    2nd order homogenous differential equation

    TD thank you very much, your help is gratefully received.
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    2nd order homogenous differential equation

    So i would have a solution something like y= A e^2x + B e^x How do I find A and B or is that an irrelavent question?
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    2nd order homogenous differential equation

    Solve the following for y(x); y'' - 3y' + 2y = 0 I kind of know what to do up to a point but after that I`m stuck (bad notes and no textbook!). Here`s what i`ve done so far, if someone could hint as how to finish this question i should be able to do the other 9 I have. let y =...
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    Mathematicians: Nerdy or Not?

    OOhhh happy Pi day everyone, I`m off to celebrate with a Pint
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    Dr. Who Returns to SciFi March 17th at 9PM!

    Series one of the new Dr. Who got some very good reviews on the BBC. I watched a couple of episodes because some of it was filmed in my [Broken]
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    Is PF Back?

    I`m experiencing skin issues too. No table borders and the drop downs under the title banner don`t look right!
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    Evo Child has Pneumonia

    I`m sorry to hear Evo child is poorly, i hope she's makes a swift recovery. I`m sure this must be a very stressfull time for you, try not so worry too much, I`m sure she`ll be fine.
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    Recommendations for Maths textbooks

    I`m reading undergraduate physics at level1. The suggested reading has been "Anything with Maths for Engineers" in the title! So i`ve been to the Uni library and found only 2 books,and they don`t appear to be very good. i intend to buy myself some books but would greatly appreciate some...
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    If you don't get these, good. You're probably too young

    Films, hmmm …. Whatever phones you home Whatever busts your ghost Whatever raids your ark (whoever raids your ark!) Whatever pokes your hontas Whatever scratches your 7 year itch Whatever fingers your gold Whatever thunders your balls Whatever rakes your moon
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    If man where machine

    If man were machine ... What OS would you be? Take thetest
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    What Type of Social Entity are You?

    Category XI - The Quidnunc Though you don't fit in, and your social graces are sometimes lacking, people like you because you have all the information. Now, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952?
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    If you don't get these, good. You're probably too young

    Whatever01100011.01110010.01100001.01100011.01101011.01110011.00001101.00001010. your 01000011.01111001.01110000.01101000.01100101.01110010. decoder
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    If you don't get these, good. You're probably too young

    I`m really bad at language exercises but I’ll have a go since this does look like fun. Whatever burns your rubber (I’m watching the A1 GP) Whatever primes your focus Whatever blunts your chisel Whatever entangles you photons (!) Whatever <center> your <table border=”0” cellspacing...
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    I am new to this forum

    I wouldn`t say Moonbear shared dangers interest in [insert animal]. In fact Dangers interest is somewhat unique!:rolleyes:
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    Counting my chickens and all that

    If you want a fast sporty convertably have you considered these Lotus Elise or mazda MX5 both fantastic cars to drive.
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    What is your best Disco Music?

    Personally I`m a BIG fan of the Global Underground series. I’ve seen Nick Warren play live 3 times so I’m going to have to go out and buy this
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    When did you decide?

    I`ve allways had an interest in astronomy since about age 6. I didn`t apply to go to Uni and study physics until i was 25 and i`m going to be 33 when/If I finish my Phd.
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    Favorite one-hit wonders

    This thread 3 pages long and no one`s mentioned Right said fred - "I`m too sexy":uhh: Edit: ok i`ve made it 4 pages long ...
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    Quick cooking question

    Here's a clip of how to deal with a chip-pan fire and what happens if you try and pour water on it. [Broken]
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    What’s your wall paper?

    Mines NGC 2070, the tarantula nebula.
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    I got some new eye pieces and a filter set for my telescope, socks! and one of (oh and i gave my self a hangover too:grumpy: )
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    What's your wage?

    I checked Don`t have a job since i`m a student but before i went back to uni i used to earn abour 2000Euro a month
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    Merry Christmas PF'ers

    Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
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    Black holes and a Hot death

    I`m not talking of time scales close to the big crunch. Am I correct in thinking that when the universe was 300000 years old photos "broke free" from the radiation and flooded out into the expanding universe, we see this in the COBE and MAP images of the Cosmic background radiation. Going...
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    Draw My House & See What It Says About Me

    Just for you i`ve added a brothel to the street
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    Draw My House & See What It Says About Me

    yeah maybe, that`s something i`d like to see/read!
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    Draw My House & See What It Says About Me

    Well you could probably get away with the "I`m so poor" thead if it was done as a python tribute, but the hooker thread is asking to be banned! If you start either and they stand the test of time i`ll immortalise them on the street,(crosses fingers)promise!
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    Draw My House & See What It Says About Me

    I was trying to think of things relavent to PF, It`s not like there is a hooker thread or a I`m so poor i live in a tin box thread. The tiki bar comment box and thread killer champs are worthy of their own forum, so i though they should be represented in the street (drawing ablity or...
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    What is on your Christmas list?

    I haven`t asked for anyting this year, I get so much support finacially from my family all year round that I've made a piont of not replying directly when asked "what do you want for christmas" But... it would be nice if i got an mp3 player!
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    Draw My House & See What It Says About Me

    Cheers it took a while, I tought i`d try and draw a house for each of the popular threads but I ran out of ideas after Franzbears bunker and the tiki bar, i was gong to do a disney mania thread but i`m scarred of ZapperZ`s criticism ( I don`t think it could match the expectation) maybe a...
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    Draw My House & See What It Says About Me

    It you follow this link you can add you 'house' to the street
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    Draw My House & See What It Says About Me

    Not if Greenpeace have anything to do with it Keep the pipe out of PF street
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    Draw My House & See What It Says About Me [Broken] Click here to view total destruction typical put up a trailer park and attrach a twister ... Look out MIH and Evo it`s heading your way
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    Draw My House & See What It Says About Me

    Sub-letting, is that allowed:devil: When you`v got time pop over to the Tiki bar, now open for buisness, your first drink is free:cool: Tiki bar