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    Testing Best GRE app to use

    Makes sense. I’ve been using apps to study other things and it has worked really well for me. Especially in a moving and bus where I might be standing...I want to minimize movement. I was thinking of something as convenient as a flash card type app where I really just need a thumb to navigate
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    Testing Best GRE app to use

    Hello, I’m starting my GRE study soon and would like to know what you guys recommend for GRE study, specifically iPhone apps. I don’t plan on taking exams on the phone, but I would like something that I can use to cram into long term memory while I am on the bus every day. Anything that you...
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    Programs Which online data science masters to consider

    I’m looking into enrolling in a part-time online data science-related masters program, and am looking for suggestions/feedback on which ones to consider. Some might consider those a waste of time and money and I can just self study, but given that, I would like to still pursue this to get a...
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    A Help understanding ARIMA Model and ACF

    I've read a few resources on ARIMA, and I still have a few outstanding questions. Here is what I know, and let me know if I am incorrect: Given any set of data, before I can do any forecast, I can use ARIMA to assess the model and make it stationary first. Before I start, I should plot out the...
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    A Using probability to predict my sales amount

    Suppose I'm trying to answer the following question: How much more insurance premium will I get, by raising rates by 10%. for this exercise, I"m assuming price is the only factor, just to simplify things. Lets say I give 20,000 quotes per month. Obviously, not all will purchase my policy...
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    I Residuals are not 'random' -- How do I resolve?

    thanks for the feedback. When you say that a simple linear model can not explain the data, do you mean that it could be non linear? Is it possible to determine that by visual inspection of the scatter plot? From what I can see, it does curve up and then down like a sine function, so maybe...
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    I Residuals are not 'random' -- How do I resolve?

    I'm dabbling with regression (In excel), but I'm stuck because my residual plot is not normal. I have 2 variables: age, and gender(0 or 1). I regress it in excel and also plot the residuals, it is not random. In general, how do I solve this issue? If it matters, the result of my raw...
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    Which SAS book for enterprise guide?

    Thanks! I think that makes sense. So to learn the basics of Eguide, I can get an EGuide book, but for the coding, I'll need to get a base SAS book?
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    Which SAS book for enterprise guide?

    My company has SAS enterprise guide 7.1 installed and I figured I want to take advantage to learn SAS programming. Just browsing online, it appears that SAS Enterprise guide is a 'drag and drop' type software, but you can still have access to writing your own that correct? If so...
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    How to get into analytics field with 'entry level' background

    I am currently in the insurance field as a 'product analyst.' My main duties include using SQL to run reports, update reports, create ad hoc reports, and connecting said reports to excel for 'data analysis'(pivot tables etc). My tenure in SQL is around 6 months but I've been in insurance in a...
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    How to do basic statistical analysis?

    Right. So I guess I'm looking at where is the best place to start. Books or website recommendations will be appreciated
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    How to do basic statistical analysis?

    My job requires me to update excel reports and also send out analysis and summaries. My concern is, I don't really have a lot of experience with statistics, numbers analysis, or have enough background to know what type of tools are available for me. For example, let's say I send out a weekly...
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    I need a study strategy for actuarial exams

    Thanks guys. I'll try again and this time focus on your suggestions. I think my issue is 2 things: applying the concepts to problems, and knowing when to move forward. Using exam P for example, I would watch or read an entire lesson and feel like I'm following along, and then when it comes...
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    I need a study strategy for actuarial exams

    Thanks. Right now, I'm scheduled for April 10. I'm using 'the infinite actuary' courses to study and I'm feeling I'm getting stuck on the section about annuities(which is like chapter 2 of the entire course). I push myself and just keep moving forward by following a strict schedule(1 to 2...
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    I need a study strategy for actuarial exams

    i really need help with studying the actuarial exams. My issue is I am not studying 'smart. and with the difficulty of the exams, studying hard won't get me through. I passed exam P, but I studied way too hard for it; ie 1 year for 5 to 7 hours per day, 5 days per week. It ended up with me...
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    At 30, I am a recent college graduate with no skills

    I can't add much value except my own experience. I won't say I'm in the exact situation, but I am also 31 seeking a career change. For me, I figured out what I want about a year ago (which is to be an actuary), and i"m now just chugging along and working towards that. The biggest obstacle...
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    Impossible to get a 'quantitative' job with *just* BA in math?

    that helps a lot! thanks you and appreciate!
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    Impossible to get a 'quantitative' job with *just* BA in math?

    that's a good point. I never thought of that. It's funny, almost every one in the actuarial forums say that the finance exam is easier, but right now, I'm actually struggling on that, more than the probability exam. But at least, I"m finding the topic interesting. drawing cash flows seems...
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    Impossible to get a 'quantitative' job with *just* BA in math?

    I took the math exam, P first. Just because it was up my alley. the finance one should be conquered by the end of the year. Hopefully, that'll give me more leverage. For actuarial, I have a couple of states i can consider to move to in the East coast, but I"m not really ready to be open to...
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    Impossible to get a 'quantitative' job with *just* BA in math?

    thanks for the input. yea, I'm planning to not put so much energy on actuarial jobs at the moment. I figured the chances are higher if I have more exams, and better experience. I don't know the exact figure, but I definitely have sent out more than 100 resumes. I'm treating job hunting like...
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    Impossible to get a 'quantitative' job with *just* BA in math?

    I"m running through a couple options right now in my job hunt. I am a career changer who is aspiring to become an actuary. I only have 1 exam, and after a few months of job hunting without success for entry level actuarial, I have decided I also need to consider 'related' jobs, so I can make...
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    Advice on obtaining an actuarial position (entry level)

    thank you for the suggestions. good luck to locrian on your fsa and homeomorphic on your FM!
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    Advice on obtaining an actuarial position (entry level)

    I'm in the process of job hunting right now and I'm trying to obtain an actuarial position. Looking to hear if any actuaries here have any suggestions or tips on how to increase my chances. Right now, I"m just looking through job searching sites like indeed and monster, and also going to...
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    Finding the density.

    These are 2 problems that I can solve, but I don't know how to tell the difference between these 2 when it comes to finding the densities. I just need to know how to tell whichmethod to use to find the density. I do not need the solution. Homework Statement A) Suppose that (X; Y ) is...
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    How do you use the mode to find x% of y?

    thanks! that is exactly what I needed. I did not know that the mode equals the mean in this situation!
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    How do you use the mode to find x% of y?

    yes, thank you. your right. I'm trying to remember a problem that I encountered and I thought those were the right numbers, but apparently, they are not. so with that in mind, I guess what I'm more after is what the mode has to do with the problem and how it can be used to find the...
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    How do you use the mode to find x% of y?

    Homework Statement Test scores are normally distributed. The mode of the score is 55%. If 75% of the students scored 65, what % of student scored 85? 2. Homework Equations and attempt at solution Scores being normally distributed, I know that as the 'bell curve (that means the curve is...
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    Questions for actuaries (or aspiring ones): relevant 'software skills'

    So I'm trying to career change over to the actuarial field and I'm trying to prepare myself as best as I can to get that entry level job. I know about the exams and am already working on that. If all goes well, I hope to pass my first exam in January. As I know the actuarial profession is...
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    Can't find a good study strategy

    So it's been 10 years since I've been out of college, and this year, I've decided to realize my goal of becoming an actuary. My problem is that I keep failing the first preliminary exam. I know that these exams are supposed to be tough, but at the rate that I'm going, technically, I should...
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    When to use bayes theorem, and when to not.

    Just need the 'auto' portion answered. this is more of a general question. Homework Statement (This is problem #7 on the sample actuarial exam P, soa 153) An insurance company estimates that 40% of policyholders who have only an auto policy will renew next year and 60% of policyholders...
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    What exactly is Density and what am I calculating?

    What exactly is "Density" and what am I calculating? So I"m doing a lot of probability problems with CDF and although I know how to calculate it, I don't quite know what I am calculating (in terms of relating it to real life situations). Example: lets say the lifetime of a machine part has...
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    Does the actuarial exams only open the actuarial door?

    Thanks for all the feedback. I'm a u.s citizen, so I won't have to deal with the sponsorship, thank goodness. A question I have is regarding to a related job while I work on the exams this year( I anticipate FM to be done by October or November). Like I said, I have the 8 years of...
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    Ways to arrange rose bushes

    Just to make sure I understand. It won't be 10!, because 10! Is the number of ways I can shift all the bushes, so each white is distinct. I understand and feel comfortable of why 10! Is not correct. 10 choose 2 means I am choosing 2 of the red roses right? Why is not not 10 choose 7 or 10...
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    Ways to arrange rose bushes

    Homework Statement Mr. Flowers plants ten rosebushes in a row. Eight of the bushes are white and two are red, and he plants them in random order. What is the probability that he will consecutively plant seven or more white bushes? The Attempt at a Solution correct set up for the answer is...
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    Differentiating between combinatorics and probability

    Homework Statement A small commuter plane has 30 seats. The probability that any particular passenger will not show up for a flight is 0.10, independent of other passengers. The airline sells 32 tickets for the flight. Calculate the probability that more passengers show up for the flight...
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    Number of ways to form a committee with men and women

    Homework Statement From a group of 5 women and 7 men, how many different committees con- sisting of 2 women and 3 men can be formed? What if 2 of the men are feuding and refuse to serve on the committee together? Part 1: my attempt: for men, we have 7 choose 3 for woman, we have 5 choose 2...
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    Does the actuarial exams only open the actuarial door?

    Thanks for the replies. My current location is Asia (hong kong), but most likely I'll look to work in the U.S. I'm just abroad for the time being on personal stuff. When I come back though, I'll probably have to decide which state I want to live in. I figure the bigger states with the home...
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    Does the actuarial exams only open the actuarial door?

    I graduated with a degree in mathematics back in 2005 and have been working in the insurance industry, unfortunately, not math or quant related at all (more on the customer service, management side). So actual math, statistical work experience = 0. I"m now 30 and I'm looking to be a career...
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    Probability problem (#of ways to seat a couple) *edit: solved*

    update: *edit: solved! I counted everything twice. Homework Statement How many ways are there to seat 10 people, consisting of 5 couples, in a row of seats (10 seats wide) if all couples are to get adjacent seats? The Attempt at a Solution I'm trying to look calculate it...
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    Basic question about relativity

    so I"m just reading about physics for fun these days, and I"m still trying to understand the concept of relativity. So why does mass get higher and time for me go slower as I approach the speed of light? I know this has to do with the concept of relativity and frame of reference, I"m...
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    Want to learn about time series/forecasting

    I want to learn more about time series and forecasting...are there any online textbooks or online tutorials to learn about this stuff. I have no knowledge in this area that is why it is hard to sit down and read about it. Anybody have a good introductory site or somewhere to start?
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    Protecting forcast for businesses

    So I work at a retail store, and the way the company works, they determine how many hours are given to each store by the amount of sales that is predicted for this week. The higher number of sales, the higher number of hours = more workers. the way that the company predict how much we will...
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    Schools Grad school concern(math)

    so I have 3 choices in my area for graduate school(mathematics). Currently, my gpa is not the higest, so the letters of reccommendations are very important to me. I want to apply to all 3, and and depending on which one I get accepted into, I can choose. How do I handle my letters of...
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    Actuarial Profession: Need Help

    I'm not an actuary or purusing one, but here is what I know... -I heard operation research is fairly important, especially stochastic processes. One of the exams will cover it. -I think you need to only know the basics, but be familiar w/ statistical programs, and excel and stuff like that...
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    Maybe will get a government job help me.

    I've sent in an application to the office of personel in oklahoma for a position statistical analyst, and I called them, and they say that they are mailing a letter for me to go and take an exam. I've never taken any exam for a job before, so I don't know what to expect. Is this a test that...
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    Programs Master's Degree or Triple Major?

    if you want to learn for the heck of learning, then go ahead and triple major. If you want to have a degree that will give you an edge in getting a good job once you graduate, then get the masters.
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    Need career guidance

    i'm sure you guys get a lot of this by the end of the semester, but anyways, I'm graduating with a bachelors in math this semester, and haven't been able to find anything as a job. I'm planning on going to grad school, but just cannot do it yet, so want to take the time that I'm off in finding...
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    Schools Confusion of college major :cry:

    I think that if you want math to be your major major, then definatly focus on math first. get your B.S, and then Get your M.S or M.A. If you want to use your math for engineering w/out being an engineer, I imagine you would want to get a graduate degree in math. As for the engineering, math...
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    Final exam questions: estimators.

    thank you, this helps very much. I was able to understand and solve it better. I have a question though. for the first problem, on solving for c, what do I set the equation equal to? since it is probability, do I set it equal to 1? and I do have a couple more estimator questins if you dot...
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    Method of moments

    maybe I'm missing some stupid algebraic mistake..but given theta/theta + 1 = y. how does this imply that the method of moment is theta = y/ 1-y??