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    ACID Compliant in MySQL

    Hello All, I am working on a database project and I am good at SQL commands. I want to know which one supports ACID compliant between MySQL and PostgreSQL. I have asked this question on Quora and according to this post, MySQL is not completely ACID compliant. It supports ACID only when used in...
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    Comp Sci Efficient Result in Paging and Segmentation

    Hello All, Paging and Segmentation both are techniques of memory management in operating system but I am confused to understand which results more efficient in comparison to paging and segmentation? According to this post, paging results in a less efficient system because to execute one function...
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    Comp Sci For which of the following purposes is the Banker’s algorithm used?

    I am new to the operating system and I want to know, Is it right Banker's Algorithm is mainly used to prevent deadlock? I picked this question from and I think it is also used for Solving deadlock, Can anyone know, Is this right?
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    Error in Installing javac for fedora 20 and java version 1.6

    By default, I had Java 7 installed on my system(X64, Fedora 20). I needed Java 6 for a software, hence had to remove 7 sudo yum remove *java* And then, I installed Java 6. This installs Java 6 successfully. but the java compiler, JavaC is missing. For that, I try - su -c "yum install...
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    Query about my Computer Science Project -- VPN Design

    Hello Everyone, I am a final year student and I am looking for some latest computer science projects for my major project. I am shortlisted one project which is Virtual Private Network, The objective is project demands creating an application that allows users to convert their public...
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    Execution of a Computer Program

    Hello Everyone, I want to know about various types of errors that can occur during the execution of a computer program? I am learning programming skills right now and Can anyone know about it? Or anyone knows which types of questions have put in a programming based profile as a beginner point?