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    How does a surfboard turn?

    Probably the same as turning a bicycle. Difference would be the bike has a front wheel, whereas the 'board has a rider, pushing the back of the board outwards, centrifugally.
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    Question about this unit conversion principle (multiplying by "1")

    That I believe what is wrong ? That ##100,000t = 100,000t## is not a useful answer for "convert from tonnes to kg's" ?
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    Question about this unit conversion principle (multiplying by "1")

    It is not incorrect if used as a conversion factor ; but the OP specifically asked "Are we allowed to multiply like that"... then proceeded to not bother, or at least not show the bother.
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    Deja vole.
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    Question about this unit conversion principle (multiplying by "1")

    My point is the OP used "reasoning" which, while useful in creating or validating a conversion factor, doesn't solve the equation by itself whereas, after including it in the calculation, simple cancellation does : ##100,000 \cancel t \times \frac{1,000kg}{\cancel t} = 100,000,000kg##
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    Question about this unit conversion principle (multiplying by "1")

    ##100,000t \times 1 = 100,000t## which is incorrect not the answer to the question. ##\frac t t=1## as a next step yields the correct answer.
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    Question about this unit conversion principle (multiplying by "1")

    No, it is not. Treat the dimensions in the equation as you would unknown variables.
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    Exploring Neal Asher's Prador Aliens: Do You Have Any Fave Aliens in Fiction?

    The Goa'uld were a good example of alien aliens : worms which serve as memory adjuncts ; somewhat similar to Star Trek's Trill symbiotes. And - as in many SF stories - could be commentary on the evils of persistent tradition/knowledge.
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    Calculating torque about a point with given forces

    Well, I've got 274.8 as well, though my solution is somewhat less convolute than yours. Is there anything else to the question ?
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    Random Thoughts part 6

    I thought MS changed the name to PowerToys, or something like that, but apparently not. Latest update, yesterday.
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    Random Thoughts part 6

    That you, Yoda ?
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    My early 60's, apparently.
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    I Does gas flow from low to high pressure?

    Wikipedia : Venturi Effect.
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    Pressure, Density: Water & Oil in Glass Tube

    When the question says "10cm below the water level", does it mean 10cm below a(n imaginary) line drawn on the tube where the water level is before the oil is poured in ? or are we talking a consistent 10cm below the water level, regardless of whether there's oil on top, or not. (ps: in your...
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    I Prony brake calculation help

    HP = Torque x RPM / 5,252 Torque is in foot pounds.
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    Excel Web Scraping Program

    Why don't you just e-mail them, asking if a non-html list is available ? Other resources may include local school boards, etc.
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    I Speed of Two Falling Ladders (Veritasium Video)

    Chain Paper v.13 revised question : in Fig.7, one of the graphlines is uniform rods, which doesn't otherwise appear in the text. Theoretical calculation of the video's ladder ? Edge of chair stuff : I found questions/ruminations brought on by a paragraph neatly answered/expanded-upon in the...
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    Some music pieces same/similar from the same artist

    I don't recall that (read much Chalker many moons ago), but I'd nominate John Grisham. Or, Spider Robinson : I swear the last 20 pages of almost every book, I'm thinking "Is this a two-parter?", then he segues into "and then they all got stoned, mind melded and saved the world". Sortof...
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    Gordon Lightfoot 1938-2023

    Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was one of the few songs for which I actually bought sheet music.
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    B Understanding air flow and resistance

    There's two people in this thread ; one of whom is not confused. Repeat after me : "prolate cycloid" Use the sliders : set r=1, d=6, hit play(bottom left corner) Now, there's two.
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    Why are Hydrogen cars not popular?

    Wikipedia - list of H2 ICE vehicles
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    B Understanding air flow and resistance

    You aren't confused ; just, apparently nobody bothered to think of using your example when they went about making diagrams. Every cycloid example you've seen is crap. So, starting with this diagram... we can see that for the common cycloid, the pen is on a point on the circumference of the...
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    B How does wind affect a turn for an aircraft?

    It's not. In the aircraft reference-frame nothing changes : drag is a constant. If you wanted to "reverse" the cycloid to trace a circle in the ground reference-frame, yes, drag would vary. --- Both ellipse and cycloid can be thought of as projections of a circle function. Circle ...
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    Shouldn't this be kinetic friction instead of static friction!?

    In what direction is the car moving ? In what direction is the car skidding/not-skidding ?
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    Random Thoughts part 6

    YT spaceship engine noises. Or, any B&W TV series playlist. Mostly, be the old guy driving the car, not the pedestrian crossing in front of it.
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    Calculating Train Deceleration: Kid's Free Fall Time

    So, run the equations with an unknown initial velocity ##u## for both train and kid, and see what happens.
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    Newton's Third Law?

    Awesome ! The next two formulae are giving me problems...more cogitation required. (Note that - on my screen, at least - all of them are cut off somewhere around the \implies's, which I didn't realize for awhile : tossed a couple extra $'s into the Quote to make it legible for myself.)
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    Newton's Third Law?

    . . . by which you mean "are still equal to each other" not "same for each CoF". Derf.
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    Newton's Third Law?

    The problem looks pretty straightforwards (except maybe if you wanted numerical values for the BoxA<>BoxB force interaction, the value for friction [and mass] needs be specified for each box). But, regardless of acceleration, the forces are still balanced when all the players are accounted for...
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    Newton's Third Law?

    Depends on how inclusive your system is.
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    Mechanical Physics: Coefficient of Friction

    Whereas, treating it as an upward force does not... which is what I said. But, the question does look unambiguously as if an upwards force is being applied, despite usage of "at" rather than "from" or "to". If one were the applier of a downwards(ish) force, the obvious place to push would be...
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    Mechanical Physics: Coefficient of Friction

    That's also how I read it ...however the answer for that is not in the list. It would have been so easy to phrase it like "A force of 300N is applied downwards, 30deg from the horizontal" or summat.
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    How long will a hard Nylon cane last?

    The soles were probaly polyurethane, which is nice and flexible for awhile but not 20 years. Some kind soul once gave me an old pair of otherwise decent workboots ... which lasted about 20 feet. Meanwhile, narwhals don't have bacula : you're thinking walrus.
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    Today I learned

    That gap's always been there, that I remember.
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    Is Neil DeGrasse Tyson credible?

    Well, gravity decreases with altitude, but PE still increases.
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    Combination of 2 formulas for a graph

    What are the "two formulas" ? Also, use LaTeX, please so other people can read it.
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    YouTube Classics, Part Deux

    Apologies for insensitivity but the funniest part was the tire - not satisfied with causing the car to jump and flip ten feet in the air - comes around and hits it in the arse after it lands.
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    Exploring Neal Asher's Prador Aliens: Do You Have Any Fave Aliens in Fiction?

    Just finished Jack Four(Asher) : the Prador are still the bad guys. There are timelines for his Polity Universe books, though ; give you the right order. Lovable aliens ? ... Foster's Thranx I suppose (been quite awhile since I read those)... Weber's treecats... in that vein pretty much...
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    Einstein's Electrodynamics of moving Bodies

    Could you transcribe the entire problem : as is, the "different distances... for instance...." makes no sense to me without quite a bit of context.
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    Opening a portal to the center of the Sun

    I'm trying to figure out how y'all get "laser" out of this. It isn't a stream of incompressible water. May want an adamantium or magical bell : particles are diverging from horizontal right at the portal.
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    English unstress syllable

    Relative amplitude. I suppose "creaky voice" could be a side effect in some people. Are you building a speech synthesizer ?
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    Finding downward force on immersed object

    Nono, that's "You can give a horse a fish, but you can't make him swim."
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    Helium balloon energy conservation

    What do you think the "bit highlighted in orange" refers to ? the balloon, or the air.
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    I Is it possible, that one physics law is "Everything is in motion?"

    True, in the limited sense of the natural numbers, which you did not specify in your original post, which had to do with motion, which measurement rarely approximates a natural number.
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    I Is it possible, that one physics law is "Everything is in motion?"

    "zero" belongs in nature as much as any other number. And, black holes certainly move : as well as evidence of galaxies (which commonly have huge BH's at their center) passing through each other, we've real-time observed black holes colliding.
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    Random Thoughts part 6

    A design fad from the 1970's that really didn't age well.
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    Power and Efficiency without mass?

    Sounds okay. Is the answer going to be different depending on the mass of the b-ball ?
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    Which key or scale? Dm, Gmaj, Cmaj, (maybe with B-flat-maj)

    I was thinking hey that drone chord could outright be Dmaj without messing anything up, and sho'nuff.