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  1. Roberto Teso

    History of "percent grade" for slope esp. in civil engineering?

    Sicilico mean a quarter of an ounce, for Romans, I now it's a mass unit, not a lenght, but this is one of the translation currently of per centenos pedes sicilico, using sicilico to mean a quarter of something. Gradient varies for different climate and many other reasons, Pliny suggest to use a...
  2. Roberto Teso

    History of "percent grade" for slope esp. in civil engineering?

    Here is where you can read the full text of De Architectura: The specific topic is described in the eighth book, sixth chapter, first paragraph: Latin: English: For the calculation of the slope the Romans used two instruments, the chorobates, of...
  3. Roberto Teso

    U-235 Chain Reaction

    So if U-235 accidentally collided with U-233 they could have reached critical mass! And if U-238 had been involved as well this would have become the (P)U-239 ☢️
  4. Roberto Teso

    Countermeasures for hypersonic weapons

    For now I have not seen any flight records from any of these hypersonic weapons, while I have seen all the difficulties of the attempts made with experimental vehicles (X-43, X-51) simply trying to reach and hold a hypersonic regime. Sure, I don't think this is the crux of the matter, but the...
  5. Roberto Teso

    Countermeasures for hypersonic weapons

    To return to the subject, while I have several doubts about the feasibility of large and maneuverable hypersonic weapon, for small weapons it now seems to become a reality. The Hypersonic Revolution Is Transforming Snipers Into Super Hunters
  6. Roberto Teso

    Why isn't each half of a sport season called a semester?

    Because the word semester comes from the Latin semestris, made up of sex, the number six, and mensis months, thus indicating half a year and not half of any other time unit. Source: For any not italian, Treccani is our greatest encyclopaedia...
  7. Roberto Teso

    NASA discovers water on the moon

    Using a transparent OLED tv, like LG's 55EW5F-A or 55EW5TF-A, you can display any photo you like without any other equipment, or you can make it dynamic, with a computer where you run Celestia, or any other planetarium software, and interact via touch. Using it in portrait mode it should be...
  8. Roberto Teso

    Strange pattern on a concrete paved surface

    Appear to be a salt efflorescence, nothing unusual or strange.
  9. Roberto Teso

    COVID COVID-19 Coronavirus Containment Efforts

    I would like to share with you all an ingenious work that has been developed here in Italy, an emergency mask for hospital respirators made in very ingenious way, you can find all the instructions (italian and english) here: EASY COVID 19 I hope as soon as possible to find a similar method to...
  10. Roberto Teso

    Resources for the rectangular segmentation of an image (ML)

    Google can be your best friend: rectangular segmentation. For specific code examples you can learn to use OpenCV, a very good library for computer vision and machine learning with a lot of resources and a big community of users.
  11. Roberto Teso

    I The Graser as an idea

    May be, but in the article they written: so, they are building a real experiment, not only calculations.
  12. Roberto Teso

    I The Graser as an idea

    I think you can find very interesting to read this: and deepen by reading their paper Coherent gamma photon generation in a Bose–Einstein condensate of 135m Cs downloadable on ScienceDirect.
  13. Roberto Teso

    Boeing What's happening to Boeing's production?

    Ok, I understand, here some proof on my affirmations of bad management from Boeing: February 1988 - The Boeing 767 Program: A Case Study of Issues Related to Success in Managing an International Cooperative Project. February 1989 - Boeing Faces Questions on Quality. November 1999 - Crash...
  14. Roberto Teso

    News Ethiopian Airlines 737 crash discussion

    Primary function of MCAS is "to counteract the non-linear lift generated by the LEAP-1B engine nacelles at high AoA", and, no less important but secondary "give a steady increase in stick force as the stall is approached as required by FAA regulation" reference
  15. Roberto Teso

    Boeing What's happening to Boeing's production?

    Where would speculations be in what I wrote? The only speculation that I have set out is that I think that problems with Boeing are due to more than one cause, individual causes exposed are all known and verifiable, in a concrete way, facts, well known and reported by the agencies in charge of...
  16. Roberto Teso

    Boeing What's happening to Boeing's production?

    Read well as Feynman has analyzed the problems and afterwards, only afterwards, he arrived at his conclusions aproximately, the mental speculations are fascinating but inconclusive, we must be more concrete when we face the problems of life in a concrete way, not speculating on purpose of the...
  17. Roberto Teso

    Boeing What's happening to Boeing's production?

    I think there's more than one causes witch led on what is happened in the past and is happening again. Law of average. As Boeing is one of the two biggest airliner producer, Airbus the other, it's obvious that the more planes you sell the more trouble emerges, same thing we could see for...
  18. Roberto Teso

    CMOS BIOS battery failure

    When I started to use one of my first PC there's not CMOS setup at all nor a software to configure it. You have to do all via switches or jumpers, a very hardware method. For nostagic like me here can be found a lot of amazing references on that old chaps: minus zero degree (-0°)
  19. Roberto Teso

    I Universe younger and faster than thought

    Starting from NASA LAMBDA Hubble Constant H0 page you can find a lot of long references. Enjoy the reading.
  20. Roberto Teso

    JavaScript Changing textContent color in table at run time

    Why don't use CSS rgb() directly, saving a bit of code? document.getElementById(branchID).style.color = "rgb(r, g, b)"; Edit reason: I clicked save button by mistake.
  21. Roberto Teso

    Boeing What's happening to Boeing's production?

    Other than engineering trouble, flawed design, worrisome prolems are emerging from production line. The Boeing KC-46 Pegasus, new choosen USAF aerial refueling and strategic transport aircraft to replace old KC-135 Stratotankers, was grounded a first time at the end of february, due to tools...
  22. Roberto Teso

    Use the output of a function in another function

    I think this is also a best practice for code maintenance and readability, putting a func() directly as an input in another func() could be difficult to spot in future code revision.
  23. Roberto Teso

    Boeing Boeing 737 Max MCAS System

    For who whould like to deepen knowledge on 737 all version and find exaustive technical description of all systems there's this site: The Boeing 737 Technical Site. Site author, Chris Brady, is a pilot of 737 from 1994, in this case I find very interisting the analisys on MCAS system here: 737...
  24. Roberto Teso

    Information technology resource links

    I'd like to add some others IT references: Guru3D Even if dedicated to graphics and a bit gamers oriented it's a good reference for all kind of hardware. Windows TenForums This forum, as name say, is dedicated to Windows 10 family. Windows...
  25. Roberto Teso

    References for Building a Website

    Last year published a good article for laymen: How to Create a Website.
  26. Roberto Teso

    B Any new news from Parker?

    In Parker mission website here, Parker Solar Probe on the Spacecraft section there’s this image where is written that science operation duration is circa 11 days and cruise / downlink between from 77 to 158 days In the same site you can find all media available in multimedia section as they...
  27. Roberto Teso

    B Any new news from Parker?

    To return on topic, first perihelion occoured in november 5 2018 and first data reporting was in december 12 2018, so a month later or so, may be that whe can have other data in late may / first weeks of june. There's a lot of variables to consider: shielding Parker from solar wind / heat until...
  28. Roberto Teso

    B Any new news from Parker?

    The first full size image of coronal streamer coming from WISPR was published here: Preparing for Discovery With NASA's Parker Solar Probe in december 12 2018. You can monitor data downlink here: Deep Space Network Now, but only when happen, having to share DSN with other spacecraft s.
  29. Roberto Teso

    B Any new news from Parker?

    And about data volume, I don't know how much this 17 Gigabits are against full volume but they are a very small data comparing to an optical camera aboard modern probes, with 47 Megapixel and more, 10 or more bit for pixel , is a huge data to download within the small bitrate that Parker, or...
  30. Roberto Teso

    B Any new news from Parker?

    Yes, surely first orbit around the sun, I suppose, have to be used to check probe sanity and mission path, so the minimum necessary data was planned to acquire in first orbit for tuning fly as required. Parker are flying trough an extreme elliptical orbit, so, very fast and near sun in...
  31. Roberto Teso

    B Any new news from Parker?

    As reported from NASA here: All Systems Go As Parker Solar Probe Begins Second Sun Orbit, they downloaded 17 Gigabits of data, not that much, from first perihelion. Rest of data will be downloaded after this second perihelion, probably first perihelion data acquired was mainly to verify and...
  32. Roberto Teso

    Draytek 2926AC Port Redirection lost when Failover activates

    Yes, but this depend on the 3G/4G provider and/or your contract and this is different nation to nation. Here, in Italy, personal contract have restricted APN, only professional contract can have an unrestricted APN but not all providers offer this service. I think it's best to ask to your...
  33. Roberto Teso

    Draytek 2926AC Port Redirection lost when Failover activates

    It's not easy to respond with so little informations anyway... Normally main wan are connected to ISP router that give us an public IP, while your local devices are natted so it's possible to use forward rules to assign IP:port external traffic to an IP:port internal and vicecersa. Backup wan...
  34. Roberto Teso

    Mechanics of a car turning left

    Here you can download a booklet written by Massimo Guiggiani, professor of applied mechanics at Pisa University, for Michelin. The Tyre
  35. Roberto Teso

    I SR71 Blackbird intake spikes

    Not precisely, but the chines in the forward section motivate the geometry of the inlet cones. Here you can find a document where it's well explained: DEVELOPMENT OF THE LOCKHEED SR-71 BLACKBIRD