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    Algorithm of the numerical decision of stochastic Shrodinger equation.

    Prompt please where it is possible to find algorithm of the numerical decision of stochastic Shrodinger equation with casual potential having zero average and delta – correlated in space and time? The equation: i*a*dF/dt b*nabla*F-U*F=0 where i - imaginary unit, d/dt - partial...
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    Stochastic Shrodinger equations.

    Thanck you! I find any-thing.
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    Stochastic Shrodinger equations.

    Yes it is.
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    Stochastic Shrodinger equations.

    Dear frends! Prompt please references to works in which it was considered the Schrodinger equation with stochastic (random) Gaussian delta-correlated potential which time-dependent and spaces-dependent and with zero average (gaussian delta-correlated noise). I am interesting what average wave...