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    Recommended Microcontrollers?

    Default Recommended Microcontrollers? Hey guys, Im looking into designing something for a Uni project. What we have in mind is a "Home Automated System". What we are going to do is find a model house (perhaps a doll house) that resembles a real house and design a system that can remotely...
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    Bode Phase plot of a second order system

    Hey guys. I need to know how to draw a Phase Bode plot of a Second order system. I understand and can draw the Gain(Magnitude) Bode plot, but I can't seem to get the grip of the Phase one. As far as I know there is an asymptote at 0^{o} at low frequencies and an asymptote at 180^{o} at...
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    Zero-Crossing Demodulation of FM signals

    Hey guys, For school I have to study the zero-crossing demodulation method of reconstructing an FM signal. So far what I've been reading has been confusing me a bit and I have a few questions to ask: 1) How does a LP-filter act as a "time averager" for a train of impulses? 2) Does the...
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    Materials Needed for Analogue Communications

    Hey guys, I'm a second year Electronics Engineering undergrad student and this semester I'm studying a subject called Communications Engineering 1, which is basically an introduction to Digital and Analogue Communications. I'm really stuck so far on the Analogue stuff because our lecture...