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    Stuck on a 'normalisation' step

    Sorry! I've edited my above post.. Now it makes more sense :) What I'm really after is how did they (my teacher) come up with [E] and what is it? k_hat is apparently a normalised k
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    Stuck on a 'normalisation' step

    Hey guys, Homework Statement I have an assignment, which is to Solve Schrodinger's equations, for a certain potential distribution, which can be divided up into three regions. A solution for one of the regions is of the form: Ae^{kx} If you substitute this into Schrodinger's...
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    Help with physics grav force

    I am a year 12 student so please bear with me - I could be horribly wrong. PS: this is my first post on this forum! You need to figure out the change in gravitational potential energy from the height you gave, to the surface of the earth. You need to know that the formula for for...