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    I Are there inherent limits to Interferometer size?

    The recent high angular resolution images of M87's inner black hole taken by radio telescopes around the globe all linked together in a computer to simulate a giant interferometer, suggest that to achieve still better angular resolution we would need to supplement the terrestrial receiving...
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    I A nice instructive riddle

    Good Lordie, Isn't it amazing just how complicated even such a very "simple" application of the laws of Mechanics can be??
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    Single photon wave packet autointerference

    I've been troubled by this problem for some time now and have received several answers to it none of which I find compelling, so I am posing it again in hopes of getting something more convincing. Here's the problem. Consider one had a large optical interferometer with two siderostats place...
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    B But WHY do antimatter and matter annihilate on contact?

    Everyone knows that matter and antimatter annihilate upon contact. But exactly WHY this should happen is not at all obvious, at least to me. So what exactly happens when two such particles encounter one another that leads them to disappear in a large release of photons? And for that matter...