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    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

    Good University there are Professors teaching here in the U.S. that are from Russia and some hold degrees from UIPT and others from other known Russian Universities as well. Saint-Petersburg State also has a good Space program if your interested below. Saint-Petersburg State University...
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    List of Undergrad Physics texts." [Broken]" [Broken] Gonna need these for sure. I have...
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    Starting life on another planet

    I'm writing a Research report on this Book. Feel free to check it out.
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    Bachelors in physics enough for nanotechnology

    The more the better pretty much all of them. If you suck in Chemistry then you can forget about it because Nanotechnology is heavily influenced with a strong foundation in CHEM.
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    Programs in Computational Physics

    If SIAM approves of those Institutions then you should feel better choosing anyone of those institutions as well. SIAM a trustworthy brand that publishes great books too.
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    Engineering Most fun Engineering Discipline?

    You can build cool stuff like this: Anyways, don't worry to much about Job competition and focus more on obtaining knowledge and skills to apply to the working environment. When you're an Engineer, you get your butt into the Industry, gain your experience, make the big money and then try...
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    Programs in Computational Physics

    Some good stuff to look out for. :blushing:" [Broken] "[URL [Broken] University of Technology, Free State [/URL]" [Broken]"" [Broken]
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    How do I teach myself undergrad physics?

    The only way to really do it is to open up the book and read. :yuck: Modern Physics, by Shubhra Kakani Applied Physics, by T. Bhima Sankaram
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    Schools Recommend me a grad school for Q.Grav. or Th.High En.Phys

    Oops never mind the guy already has his Masters Degree lol. I guess this wouldn't work for him. My bad :biggrin:
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    Schools Recommend me a grad school for Q.Grav. or Th.High En.Phys

    If your interested in Europe try checking this out. It is a Joint Degree program from multiple well known European Universities, and depending on your research you can choose to study and or research the topics to your liking. I don't know if this helps or not but its worth a look...
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    A list of US companies that suits my career interests?

    Its just that usually they like to hire people with the Masters and PhD over here and even with the qualifications, still there's no guarantee of getting a Defense job working for the U.S. Government. Its hard enough already for an average American to land that dream job working for a Defense...
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    Schools Recommend me a grad school for Q.Grav. or Th.High En.Phys

    Here are a few suggestions that popped out of my head." [Broken]"" [Broken]" [Broken]" [Broken]...
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    The right route to take

    Whoa dude no need for that kinda stuff here. New to this board and you come out swinging? You don't know his business, maybe he had problems when he started off College, had to work full time to feed the family or whatever, we all have bumps and runs, but the point is he's making effort for...
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    Schools Best Universities for Superconductivity Research

    Renmin University? Maybe even Technical University of Munich?
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    IBM to build brain-like computers

    IBM to build brain-like computers By Jason Palmer Science and technology reporter, BBC News
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    How are geniuses reproduced

    Eat Chinese food everyday I'm serious on this one no kidding lol.
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    Post-Job-Acceptance E-mail / Bad Economy

    Boeing to slash 800 jobs at Kansas facility By DANIEL LOVERING The Associated Press November 19, 2008, 5:39PM ET [Broken]
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    Getting a Job After Earning a BS in EE: Which Path to Take?

    I recommend following your Professors advice because EE is in demand, but at the same time it is highly studied, lot's of people are doing it now just like me. Going to Graduate school may be the best of option where you can gain experience and specialize in a specific area of your liking. If...
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    Fallout 3 - PC Game

    Here you can watch the better quality version of the game. I really don't play games but I have been following the Fallout series since it came out in the 1997 so I had to give it a try for the good time sake. [Broken]
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    Fallout 3 - PC Game

    Is this game insane or what? I love this game, its Balling! :rofl: :approve: Watch it in High Quality mode:
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    Physics No career with physics

    Over here we consider Material Scientist as Engineers, sometimes we just call them Material Engineers, that has a good knowledge of both Chemistry and Engineering fundamentals, not to say Physics doesn't play a major role in it. I know it does but it doesn't really require the super duper crazy...
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    Engineering A career in Aerospace Control Systems with an Engineering Physics degree?

    Stability and Control of Aircraft Systems: Introduction to Classical Feedback Control Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: A Practical Engineering Approach
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    Help choosing undergraduate study for robotics-like work

    Here is something you might find interest in below. Read the Robotica Journal from real Engineers doing real research on Robotics and AI and you might even find something of commonality too. Click on PDF to read each article...
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    Half of Cambridge students cheat. Still a Top 10 university?

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    Active duty AF wants to be engineer

    If you ever deicide on going to Graduate school then AFIT is a smart way to go after you get your Bachelors Degree in EE. Air Force Institute of Technology:
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    Quieting the Dorm: Sound-Canceling Devices for Studying

    I used to have the same problem as you do but I reward myself with Silent Ear Muffs that I bought at the local hardware shop. You know, those big fat muffs that those ground crew uses at the airport and in military aircraft carriers, to keep the noise out and to protect their ears, yeah that thing.
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    NASA Is this the End of NASA?

    More design flaws found in Ares I rocket by Staff Writers Cape Canaveral, Fla. (UPI) Oct 26, 2008 More problems have been found with the design of the next-generation manned U.S. spacecraft launch rocket, leading some to wonder if it will ever be built. Computer models show the...
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    Engineering or physics

    Double Major in both. ...Problem solved.
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    NASA Is this the End of NASA?
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    Nano technology - something for the future or just a hype?

    Is this Hype to you? :grumpy: [Broken]
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    Schools Finding the Right College for MIS and Artificial Intelligence Degrees

    Artificial Intelligence and Natural Langauge Processing (IIT): [Broken]
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    Help with a personal storage solution

    Upload them onto a paid-subscription Online Server like these: Of course it cost money but if your PC crashes or if it gets stolen then you're in trouble. So might as well consider looking into these options and the good...
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    Programs What's the best degree for me?

    Just do Aerospace Engineering, the Industry is booming right now! Here below is one of the best Aeronautical University in the States. You can always Double Major in Engineering and in Physics if you really love both of them so bad. Look into it. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University...
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    Engineering Which engineering disciplines is paid the most

    Engineering Management (Your Boss). Because they control the money, your salary, whom to keep around and to fire.
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    Calculators Casio Algebra FX2.0 - How it's compared with HP 50g

    You can read more about Casio Graphing Models here. Yes the 9860G are the latest brand, and is a whole lot better. It might be hard to find because it is still new in the market. Classpad 300 Info: The most powerful Casio...
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    Is Transfering going to effect my knowledge?

    If you were to finish your studies in Community College and had follow the 2 year transfer criteria accordingly, and transferred out after the Sophmore year into a 4 year University, you should technically be considered a Junior level student. The answers is No. You'll actually be ahead of the...
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    Calculators Casio Algebra FX2.0 - How it's compared with HP 50g

    Never heard of the FX2.0 but I am familar with the new Casio FX-9860G model which is almost as nearly as good as the HP50G though. You can't go wrong with choosing Casio products, its a Japanese brand.
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    What is the Best Major(s) to prepare me for nanotechnology in grad school?

    You can find more information here.
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    What is the Best Major(s) to prepare me for nanotechnology in grad school?

    You need to be really good in Chemistry in order for you to get into the field of Nanotechnology.
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    What do you do to remotivate yourself once you hit rockbottom

    You have to go find a quiet place to study at. I usually pack my bags early in the morning, grab food and coffee and head out to the College Library and study 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. maybe I'll take a 1 hour break in between and run back home to go feed my pets but then I'll run back to school...
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    Developing small F1 car

    How about reading this book. Race Car Aerodynamics: Tamiya Toys:
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    Engineering Aeronautic vs Electronic engineering?" [Broken] < ---
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    Shimomura Won the Nobel In Chemistry Because

    Does anyone know how much it cost to have their very own Lab in the House?
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    Working at Home

    ... :confused: Let us try to stay on topic here.
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    Honest opinion's about Devry

    Blow them off now because no one takes people serious with those Online Degree programs. If you want to go to college, find a real one, a community college nearby and go from there.
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    You know the funny thing can borrow thousands of dollars just to study Computer Science and go broke along with it. Instead, you could be like me, chose a real career and actually learn something for a change and whenever I get the itch to Program I grab a book off the shelf for...
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    Working at Home

    You can do Tutoring Online in Math and Science courses. Or better yet if you know anybody that can do web design you can have them design you your own site for educational purposes like posting math and science videos and work-sheets to study along. Just remember to charge users a reasonable...
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    I don't know anything about Canada but here in the U.S. its a different story. Maybe you should consider taking some courses from Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering department that way it'll help you gain more skills for the job. If you are good at Programming you can even take...
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    Calculators What is a good graphing calculator?

    TI-89 not worth the extra $$$... TI-83 overpriced, old and too slow. Casio vs TI Graphing Calculator Comparison: Try looking into this comparison chart as you can see the Casio 9860G outperforms the TI-83 in...