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    Calculate stresses with gravitational load and weights instead of forces

    please see attached for full problem, i will just write what i have attempted here stress=youngs modulus x strain; stress = force/area; The Attempt at a Solution i started off by using F = m x a, where a is gravity, then worked out sum of forces and bending moments. this gave me...
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    Determining reaction forces and angle

    ye thanks, i think i follow you, but just to clarify, FDB is: mass of L x gravity x sin30 - mass of K x gravity = 0 reaction at G: G = mass of L x gravity x cos30 Rn: should be: y + x values... sorry to sound dumb... :(
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    Determining reaction forces and angle

    Homework Statement An assembly is shown in Figure 1, GH, HK and HNL are three cables. The mass of box L is 350 kg, a) Determine the mass of box K in order to make angle teta = 30 degrees b) Determine the reaction forces at supports G and N. i started by converting...