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    How does the size between scatterers affect reflection?

    Hi I think I made a mistake. I think i meant it for undergraduate level education.
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    How does the size between scatterers affect reflection?

    If a sound wave hits multiple scatterers spaced closer than the wavelength and moving fast but at different velocities how is the reflective beam is affected?
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    Deflection of wave in dissipative media with a complex refractive index

    Homework Statement A monochromatic plane wave with wavelength 500µm is propagating through a dissipative medium with refractive index 1-0.0002i. It approaching the edge of the medium, and will pass out into free space. If the angle of incidence is not 90°, how much will the wave deflect as it...
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    Toroid with Air Gap magnetostatics problem

    Homework Statement consider a toroidal electromagnet with an iron ring threaded through the turns of wire. The ring is not complete and has a narrow parallel-sided air gap of thickness d. The iron has a constant magnetization of magnitude M in the azimuthal direction. Use Ampere's law in terms...
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    Electromagnetism Help-- Magnetostatics Boundary Problem

    Homework Statement Two magnetic materials are separated by a planar boundary. The first magnetic material has a relative permeability μr2=2; the second material has a relative permeability μr2=3. A magnetic field of magnitude B1= 4 T exists within the first material. The boundary is...