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    Macroscopic vs. microscopic

    Several times I've listened to Brian Greene talk about string theory and say that General Relativity is a macroscopic theory but Quantum Mechanics is a microscopic theory. Do you think it could be otherwise? I know that this is an accepted "dogma" that is often repeated by others but I...
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    Help me in mach's principle

    Einstein vs. Bohr by Dr. Mendel Sachs The Science of Mechanics by Ernst Mach [Broken] [Broken] 2.4 "Mach's Principle" To be sure, for a...
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    General Relativityimcomplete?

    Witten: You have to be open-minded because ideas come from different places. You can think about something in one way for a long time and it seems like the only way to think about it, but it really isn't. Somebody could make a suggestion that really sounds naïve. It might even be naïve, but it...
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    General Relativityimcomplete?

    GR as incomplete theory I consider GR to be an incomplete theory in the sense that Dr. Einstein left the right side of the equation, describing energy/matter as a phenomenological term. He himself refers to this side of the equation as wood compared to the marble of the left side. In addition...