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    Differentiation Variable

    I'm working out some problems, and I'm ending up with a term similar to the following: du/d(y/u) I'm differentiating with respect to y/u. Both y and u are variables. How can I divide that up to represent differentiation with just one variable (Even if it means expanding the term)? Is it...
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    Really complex function to integrate

    I'm thinking I have to approximate the expenonetial function using a polynomial for the small interval. Since I need an analytial method of solution. I already have a linear function that can be within 20% error. Is there a good polynomial expression (Where the power is 1 or larger for...
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    Really complex function to integrate

    Thanks Ice, but the symbol isn't an "8", but rather a small-case delta, which is a function of x. Also, the denominator is imperative, because I'm integrating the product of velocity and the ideal gas law set equal to density. Density = P/(R*T) So I need the denominator.
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    Really complex function to integrate

    I've worked to simplify the integral to this... taking out constants, and using an very good approximation for the exponential function below. I've also changed the interval, so that the approximation is valid. I don't think I can do it numerically, because I can't use quadruture...
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    Quotient rule for higher order derivatives

    Why not just use the general form of the product rule? Division is multiplication.
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    Really complex function to integrate

    Hello, I have a really complex function to integrate (not homework), and I was wondering if there is any software application that can handle it. I have tried MathCAD and Maple, but both can't perform it. I don't think I can do it by hand, with all the integration by parts and expansions...