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    MATLAB Matlab - ADI Method Code

    I finally figured it out... I believe, at least. I'll go ahead and post the code for reference for future visitors who may run into the same issues. It seems to converge to second-order accuracy with larger and larger mesh size. Other...
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    MATLAB Matlab - ADI Method Code

    Hi, I've been having some difficulty with Matlab. I keep getting confused with the indexing and the loops. To set up the code, I am trying to implement the ADI method for a 2-D heat equation (u_t=u_xx+u_yy+f(x,y,t)). I have Dirichlet boundary conditions on the left, upper, and lower...
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    Maple Solving a System of PDE's Using Maple

    I am solving a coupled system of non-linear PDE's. What am I doing wrong in the procedure? It says, "Error, (in pdsolve/sys) too many arguments; some or all of the following are wrong: [[k(x, y), p(x, y)], {diff(k(x, y), y) = 0, diff(p(x, y), y) = 0}]". I am trying to imposed zero boundary...