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    How do capillaries constrict?

    capillaries cannot constrict because they consist only of endothelial cells, and no muscle cells at all.
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    First post - and I was never good at science.

    and i would like to point out all those siamese babies and the rare cases of abnormally born babies, these are concrete examples! When an indian baby girl was born with four arms and four legs!,2933,308439,00.html now this is not something favourable today. we...
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    First post - and I was never good at science.

    yes it does amaze me, that's why I'm doing a career in biology/biomedicine! destruction of mankind could also be a sort of progression! look at what all other organisms have to go through because of us! polluted lakes, melting of ice caps, slaughtering! If you remove human impact, all other...
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    First post - and I was never good at science.

    I find science more interesting than religion! science is dynamic, you can change it! but religion is static! it talks about the past, one day it will definitely contradict itself. but science will always alter itself to suit new laws! these laws are proven! evolution is completely random...
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    Monoshaccarides and Phospholipids [Broken] you'll be finding biology material for college level on this site. the biology part is still under construction. but it's getting filled weekly.