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    The Shape of Spacetime.

    Just as an outsider reading this whole twofish-Ken G debate going on, I'll have two comments to make: 1) It has been very entertaining and as an undergraduate I have learned a lot from looking up a paper on a topic I did not know about when it was mentioned. 2) Twofish looks like he has a...
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    Simulating Galactic Evolution in a Game

    First off, I would just like to say that this an awesome project! Please don't give up working on it and I want to play when it's finished! Sounds like you've got a great plan going, would you be able to explain a little bit about what you intend to do with the game play aspect of it and why...
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    Definition of 1 AU

    I'm sure we can all agree here that twofish-quant is right. Just give up DH.
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    Stargazing Astrophotography photos

    Hey guys! I currently have a Dobsonian XT8 Classic (8" Aperature) telescope and I do regular observing at least once a week. I own a set of Celestron lenses and filters so my gear is decent! I have been observing for a few months now and I've gotten to take a wonderful look at the Orion Nebula...