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    Is it normal to not understand any homework questions?

    Don't be disheartened if you can't figure out questions after trying for a long time. I took a upper-division logic class on Godel's Incompleteness Theorems, Model Theory, etc. and it took me a few hours to understand what the questions on the assignments were EVEN ASKING. I spent over 100 hours...
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    What math topics to learn next

    The following is the sequence I would recommend given your background. First and foremost: 1) Learn Linear Algebra! If you want a proof based approach I would recommend reading the chapter you need from Hoffman/Kunze, otherwise you can learn the computations and basic ideas from Gilbert Strang's...
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    Math REUs 2012

    Has anyone heard back from UCLA Logic Summer School? I haven't received a rejection letter but I also haven't heard ANYTHING. Has anyone else been rejected or accepted to this program? Does this mean I'm on a wait list?
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    Research vs Home for the summer

    If this is the summer between your first and second year then definitely go home and see friends and family. Spend your quality time during the summer having a break and just don't worry about school! If this was in between your second and third year then I may have different advice, and if this...
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    Courses What math courses are useful for physicists?

    Would it be a good idea, in preparation for a PhD program in Theoretical Physics, to just double major in Math as well as Physics in order to get a really firm grounding in Math?
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    Is this too much for a semester?

    Yeah, I did a combined honours degree in both Physics & Mathematics at UBC, I took 6 one semester. -3 Math Courses (1 300-level, 2 400-level) -2 Physics Courses (both 400-level) -1 Philosophy Course (300-level) And it was absolutely insane! 9 classes is absolutely impossible, I don't believe...
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    Is this too much for a semester?

    No way! Zif. 8 or 9 classes? That's literally impossible. I did 6 classes one semester and was totally swamped... there's no way they did good in those classes. 4 is a light-load if you are working part-time or something, 5 is the regular amount for full-time school, and 6 is really hard!
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    Studying Studying vs doing homework

    For a 3.8 - 4.0 GPA I would suggest to study for 50 hours a week outside of class during undergraduate school. You can afford to uphold a schedule like that (~10 hours a week per class) easily with taking most of saturday and sunday off and having two 4-hour outings throughout the week. Just be...
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    Category Theory: Intro Texts & Recommended Books

    Thanks so much for the material micromass! I've been very interested in Category theory recently as well. :D
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    What are some hot and new fields of research?

    Any idea what the prospects are like for Topology?
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    Studying I'm doing EVERY exercise in munkres' topology textbook

    I thought I was ahead of the game when I took AP Calculus in Grade 11 (at age 15) and finished Multivariable Calculus when I was 16... since when is it normal for people to know calculus when they are 8-11 years old? D:
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    Schools Getting into grad school with a below 3.0 gpa?

    So what exactly did you major in? And why didn't you apply for Grad school? Why didn't you take the GRE?
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    Physics by correspondence

    I would recommend doing this if it means that it opens his possibilities for taking Physics 30 (Grade 12) and higher level physics. People NEED to know physics, I just stress that. Scientific literacy is so important today in order to have responsible citizens with a cosmic perspective that have...
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    Go slow or fast when teaching yourself math?

    That's great! Glad to hear that you are so ahead on math and are keen on learning more. :D Please keep up the good work!
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    Go slow or fast when teaching yourself math?

    I would suggest getting a handle on introductory: -Geometry (Areas, Volumes, etc.) -Trigonometry (to the extent that you understand the Unit Circle, the trig ratios, graphs, and functions) -Permutations and Combinations (not necessary, but will be later on in University) -Functional Analysis...
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    Growing apart from physics

    Thank you, I didn't mean to hi-jack the topic or anything. Just wanted to point out that there are ways of intuitively understanding even the most complex problems when you have certain mathematical definitions and constructs to work with. Currently working on Section 2: Elementary Mathematics...
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    Growing apart from physics

    CyberShot, I'm working on writing a book that I think you will like. I go over mathematics from it's beginnings and work with intuitive use of complex calculations, etc. Mathematics and even Physics really is intuitive to the core all the way through until graduate school, (while the later may...
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    Courses What courses youv'e enjoyed the most?

    Honours Calculus I (Math), The Ancient World (Classics), Metaphysics (Philosophy), Epistemology (Philosophy), Philosophy of Space and Time (Philosophy), Introductory Particle Physics (Physics), Physical Cosmology (Astrophysics), Special Projects (Physics Research)
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    Schools Getting into physics grad school

    Why is this topic not stickied? This has been amazingly helpful for me as I am applying to Graduate school and the awesome posts just keep coming from Vanadium and twofish-quant. @twofish-quant (or anyone): Do you happen to know off the top of your head which school has a reputation for...
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    Schools Getting into physics grad school

    In Alberta from my experience it generally goes like this: A+ = 4.0 = 97% + A = 3.9 = 93%-96% A- = 3.7 = 90%-92% B+ = 3.3 = 85%-89% B = 3.0 = 80% - 84% B- = 2.7 = 75%-79% C+ = 2.3 = 70%-74% C = 2.0 = Below 70% There is no "set" percentage, it's based on z-scores and a bell-curve normally. Not...
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    Advice on Self-Study
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    Programs Quitting MS to accept another PHD offer

    Finish your masters. Deffer enrollment in any PhD programs by one year.
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    Studying What books to read if my ultimate objective is free-energy study?

    The most direct path to become a theorist or experimentalist in a sub-field of physics is to obtain a PhD in Physics. Generally you will need to choose either experimental or theoretical work as you will find yourself stretched thin between the two. In order to start learning higher level...
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    Schools What are my chances for getting accepted to graduate school in astrophysics

    You will not get accepted into a top 50 school. Aim for top 125-75.
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    Programs Bsc, PhD at one school. Is this bad?

    Alright, are there any other reasons than a change in perspective? I know this a fairly considerable reason but would you be able to give me any other reasons? I have two other options for graduate schools inside Canada, these are University of British Columbia and University of Waterloo. Would...
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    Programs Bsc, PhD at one school. Is this bad?

    Hi, I'm going to be applying to graduate schools for next fall semester and am finishing my last semester in a Bsc (Honours) Astrophysics program at the University of Alberta. I know a lot of the professors in the department here and have some that I know would be more than willing to be my...
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    Programs Concerned with all the pessimism surrounding PhDs lately

    Murmillo, Continue to work hard during your undergraduate and I would suggest transferring to a larger/recognized school after two years so that you graduate from somewhere with recognition rather than Nebraska Community College where no one will take you seriously for graduate school if you do...
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    Programs Why Doing a PhD Is Often A Waste Of Time (The Economist)

    The solution is for all University's to hire more professors and have more classes with smaller class sizes!
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    Where should I go?

    If you are looking for relatively smaller class sizes in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year and are intending on going into either nanotechnology, particle physics, planetary dynamics, geophysics, or space physics I would suggest University of Alberta as they have connections all around the world and an...
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    Programs Concerned with all the pessimism surrounding PhDs lately

    This thread has been extremely helpful for me as I am applying to graduate schools right now for direct-entry into a Physics or Astrophysics PhD program after completing an Honours degree in Astrophysics. I've only heard positive encouragement from my professors at the undergraduate level, with...
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    I am want become a Scientistplease guide me

    I hope this is some type of Philosopher_K troll.
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    Schools What College are you attending?

    I wasn't intending on pulling a philosopher_k and sabotaging the thread or something, I assumed that this was just an open discussion. The OP did not seem fairly directed and it was my presumption that it would be reasonable to ask about myself as well, as we are both in the same general...
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    Schools What College are you attending?

    Anyone have some help relating to my post? I'm thoroughly researched out graduate schools for Astrophysics and I would really like some other options than the ones I have already posted.
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    Programs How much time do you PhD's put in each day?

    Maybe I'm a little slow, but to maintain a high GPA in the latter years of undergraduate school I have to sell myself short on sleep... >_> I can't imagine how much harder graduate school will be.
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    Schools What College are you attending?

    Doing an undergraduate in Astrophysics at University of Alberta. I'm applying to Caltech, Penn State, University of Arizona, University of Texas at Austin, and Arizona State University for Graduate school in Astrophysics (Anyone know any other upper-level universities that have good graduate...
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    Programs How much time do you PhD's put in each day?

    I'm so glad that idiot got banned. What an absolute fool, I hope he attempts University so he garbages himself with how hard it is to juggle 5 upper-division courses. Also, I think Topher925's adviser voted 20+ hours! Haha.
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    The Should-I-Become-A-Theoretical-Physicist-or-Experimental-Physicist? Thread

    Can we please get some responses to this? This is probably the most important question I've seen in the Academic Guidance forum in a month. We should get some excellent responses from those who have been down this road before and then sticky it!
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    Is my view of Theoretical physics romanticized?

    Referring to anyone who was talking about taking Linear Algebra and Calculus in High School: I was in an AP program in High School and graduated with University credits in Calculus I, Linear Algebra, and Classical Physics. University-level courses, Calculus I all the way up to l'hospital's...
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    Learn Physics & Thermodynamics: 8th Grade Guide

    Pure Math 30 (Grade 12) in Alberta is: -Transformations of Functions -Exponential and Logarithmic Functions -Geometric Series -Trigonometry -Permutations and Combinations -Statistics and Probability -Conic Sections
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    Learn Physics & Thermodynamics: 8th Grade Guide

    This is a little unrealistic. I would shoot for Calc 1 in Grade 12, taking it second semester after you finish Grade 12 Pure Math. If next year in Grade 9 you can just master the really basic stuff of adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing fractions. Then start to learn factoring and solving...
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    How hard is it to be accepted for the Cambridge part 3 math tripos?

    If you read topology for breakfast then: Design a Mobius strip, that when projected onto a 2-dimensional plane will not be solvable with Whitney tricks.
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    Programs So you want to get a PhD in physics? The video

    HAHAHA, that's a good one.
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    Programs So you want to get a PhD in physics? The video

    English Literature is a dead end, as these videos suggest! Haha.
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    Programs So you want to get a PhD in physics? The video

    That was my downfall with English and Social! I hate opinion-based marking. Just study harder and you'll be fine. I found High school harder in the sense that the environment sucked and the majority of the class is full of retards so it is really an impediment to your learning (not to be...
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    Is my view of Theoretical physics romanticized?

    Our Physics 20 curriculum is: A: Kinematics B: Dynamics C: Circular Motion, Work and Energy D: Oscillatory Motion & Mechanical Waves and our Physics 30 curriculum is: A: Momentum and Impulse B: Forces & Fields C: Electromagnetic Radiation D: Atomic Physics
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    Programs So you want to get a PhD in physics? The video

    I had 99% in AP Math 31, 92% in Pure Math 30, 91% in Social 30, 88% in English 30, 94% in Physics 30, and 85% in Chemistry 30.
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    Programs So you want to get a PhD in physics? The video

    Well, if you plan on studying any of those fields you better be prepared to go to Grad school! Any of the Universities I recommended would prepare you for attending an excellent graduate school in the states, or somewhere in Canada (U of T and UBC offer excellent astrophysics PhD programs)...
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    How hard is it to be accepted for the Cambridge part 3 math tripos?

    Please stop worrying about graduate school and work through your introductory geometry, topology, statistics, calculus, linear algebra, etc. courses before you dream about Cambridge. Manage an A+ in all of them and you'll be fine for them taking a peek at your application.
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    Programs So you want to get a PhD in physics? The video

    Yeah, studying 10 to 12 hours a day is manageable if it's something you like and are really interested in... which I am. But 20 hours a day as you were saying I honestly had to do some weekends, it's not fun at all. University of Alberta has a great Geophysics and Astrophysics program with...