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    The Nuclear Power Thread

    I read the actual announcement is tomorrow. (Tuesday, 12/13)
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    Financial Knowledge All Adults Should Know?

    Another benefit is separating the risk of a single financial institution bankruptcy. While funds are usually insured, the funds would be tied for a while.
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    Financial Knowledge All Adults Should Know?

    @Astronuc I agree with the comments related to your post. Being a Fiduciary is not going to make them a stock picker. Also even with a "smart" money investment house like "Golden Sacs", a 7 figure account puts you way down the line in service levels. The impact of paying 1-2% of your total...
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    I Temperature of dark matter

    @PeterDonis Wasn't sure, were you saying the if quantum fluctuations from Inflation did or didn't effect Dark Matter (clumping at a small level)?
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    The James Webb Space Telescope

    This link below gives distance traveled and a brief summary of what's happening: Where is JWTS!
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    What Sci-Fi got Wrong

    Correct, I tried to explain one time without success.
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    What Sci-Fi got Wrong

    Don't forget that in the future, your are also going to FTL communications across the universe. So of course you've got quantum entangled particles that are spilt so they can transmit data instantly. Not scifi, but honorable mention to Anderson Consulting (now accenture) for the TV...
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    Particle ontology and quantum fluctuations

    @vanhees71 Thank you for the references. I hadn't seen the first one and it was very helpful!
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    I What does "foliate" mean in GR?

    The Society of Book Binders is coming after you!
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    I Universe re-collapse and time reversal

    Ranku and Ibix, thank you for your help!
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    I Universe re-collapse and time reversal

    Just clarify for me, is it the "things" in universe grow closer together or is it space that is that is getting smaller? Should I should said space-time?
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    Lapsed sci-fi fan, looking for recommendations to get back into it

    A few months late to the thread, one of my favorite Author's is Lindsay Buroker. If you have Amazon Prime, some of the books are free.
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    The Nuclear Power Thread

    The flowchart shows 67.5 Rejected Energy. My google search says, "Rejected energy is part of the energy of a fuel — such as gas or petrol — that could be used for a purposeful activity, like making electricity or transport. However, because of the technologies that we currently use to consume...
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    COVID Pfizer/Moderna covid vaccine research papers

    @Ygggdrasil Very helpful, thank you!
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    COVID Pfizer/Moderna covid vaccine research papers

    Apologies if I missed it, what are the purposes of Phase I and II?
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    The Nuclear Power Thread

    @Astronuc and @russ_watters I just wanted thank you for providing such great information in this thread. That article on the Cape Win project was just scary.
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    B Please gradually expain principles of atomic clocks

    Thank you @Nugatory this is very helpful!
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    Insights I Know the Math Says so, but Is It Really True?

    As one of the people who haven't taken the time to understand the math, I think Peter's points are correct. When I first came to this site, one of my big problem was not getting simple answers like "Youtube" videos. My other big problem was terminology. For example, using the term universe...
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    Dune (upcoming movies)

    From "Denis Villeneueve‘s Dune off its December release date and will unveil the epic sci-fi movie on Oct. 1, 2021" Full Article
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    The Nuclear Power Thread

    The Westinghouse Project reminded me of a term we often used for Senior Executive Presentation, a Powerpoint Reality.
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    IPhone / iPad Message & Phone Sharing

    Both iPad and iPhone are the current SW version 13.3.1. From what I can see, messages is an app that requires two-factor authentication. The problem for me is that having to use it requires getting a code from iphone ever time I want to use messages or the phone on the ipad. So, if I am in...
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    IPhone / iPad Message & Phone Sharing

    I just purchased an iPhone 11 pro max and I'm having difficulty pairing it with my old iPad pro 10.5". On both the pad and the phone when I attempt turn on messages, it wants me to upgrade to two factor security. Is there a way around the two factor identification? I tried the factor...
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    LaTeX Math Equation Christmas Tree and Graph

    I posted this link a couple years ago, but just in case you need to draw a Christmas Tree: There are a lot of interesting variations posted, maybe PF could have our own contest! Here's...
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    B No low-frequency emission from Fast Radio Bursts

    I didn't see where anyone else had brought this up. From the article: The telescopes are the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) and the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP), and they were synchronized to observe the same patch of sky, searching that area for fast radio bursts...
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    B Does energy create gravity?

    Awesome reference! I no longer need Christmas lights, there is big right over my head!
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    IPv4 Address... .... :

    Any idea why manufactures don't setup IP6 when Windows 10 is installed?
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    IPv4 Address... .... :

    I ran IPCONFIG /ALL and one of the output lines was IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : Just curious as to the meaning of (Preferred). I would have guessed a new computer would prefer IP6?
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    How do you create a link to a specific post?

    Thank you to all, just what I needed!
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    How do you create a link to a specific post?

    How do you create a link to a specific post in PF? I want to link to Matterwave's post 25. The best I could come up with is this to the page...
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    My App Knows Where I'm Going and Tells Everyone Too

    My results we're right on. Where, what business, how many times...
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    Upgrade and new good original Sci-Fi

    Let me know what you think of the end!
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    Upgrade and new good original Sci-Fi

    Have you every read the original short story, "Farewell to the Master" ?
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    I Hawking Radiation and the Negative Energy Particle

    The best explanation ever!
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    Financial Knowledge All Adults Should Know?

    I wonder how many people could do an interest calculation on a calculator without the manual? My time in Finance was all spreadsheets, my HP12c sat in the desk for months at a time.
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    B Doesn't there have to be more than one observable universe?

    A couple of question to check if I am understanding what is being said: Assuming an infinite universe, is there any upper limit to the number of observable universes? I say there isn't. The way I am thinking there would be an infinite amount 92 billion LY bubbles across the universe. Assuming...
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    I Does a blueshift change the energy of a photon?

    Do we give awards for light bulbs going on over people's heads? If so, you just earned at least three of them!
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    I Relativistic addition question

    I'm not following how is the same force of impact between the frames is explained. Assuming objects A and B have the same mass, the velocity of impact from C’s frame is at 1.6c, but from A or B frame it is less than c. I understand the force should be the same, I just don't see how?
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    Announcement 2018 PF Betterment Survey Winners

    Wow, the last thime I won anything it was an IRS audit!
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    B Causality Question

    I got confused about going back a thousand years, in that case there wouldn't be a me yet...
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    B Gravitational waves

    This should be on T-Shirts!
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    PF Investing Club

    I certainly go along with investing a little versus not building a safety fund. I do think people should have some savings to cover unexpected expenses. You should at least be able to fix a transmission or replace an A/C unit without having to sell stocks.
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    PF Investing Club

    The 3 to 9 months is guideline, personally I ran much lower savings when I was younger. In my 50's I had about months 15, then boom the company offers a severance program and I retired.
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    Network Cabling Testing (for home)

    Not at all, definitely not my intention to imply. Many thanks for your's and other's help.
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    Network Cabling Testing (for home)

    I'd rather not discuss if I'm an idiot or not, lost that argument to way to many girlfriends in the past. The goal is find a cheap way test good cables installed by a less than qualified electrician.
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    Network Cabling Testing (for home)

    Sadly, Cox will not replace existing cabling in the house for free. At least here in Phoenix, you can save a lot, by switching your TV provider ever couple years. Sad to say, but both DirectTV and Cox treat new customers better than existing customers. Unfortunately, Cox is the only "decent"...
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    PF Investing Club

    My opinion, a beginning investor should write down why they made each purchase. When you sell or ever year, look at the why’s. Use this as tool, to judge if your “whys” are good or bad, or at least if you’re investing on feeling or thinking. Before investing, you should build up 3 to 9 months...
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    Just a thought on the new Finance threads, you might want to rule out making recommendation of...

    Just a thought on the new Finance threads, you might want to rule out making recommendation of individual stocks.
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    Network Cabling Testing (for home)

    Thank you, I was hoping this would be my worse case scenario.
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    PF Investing Club

    Keeping track of them for tax purposes, but that doesn't apply to 401ks, IRAs, etc.