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    I An exponential number algebra problem

    I will try thanks
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    I An exponential number algebra problem

    In my question a and b were Linitial and Lfinal
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    I An exponential number algebra problem

    I have a resonator and the resonance frequency (w) of it is given by w=A(L-1.5) where A is a constant and L is the length. When I apply a force the resonance frequency changes because length of the beam changes due to deformation. I need to find the change in resonance frequency as a function of...
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    I An exponential number algebra problem

    Let a,b,c and n are real numbers. a-b = C I want to get rid of a,b and find the following expression in terms of C and n. How can I do that? (an-bn)= ? (in terms of C and n) Thank you.
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    Lithography, wafer alignment

    In a lithography process I have a hard mask which is opaque. I have to make a wafer alignment, however I use optical techniques to align my wafer (lasers etc.) . How can I align my wafer through an opaque layer?
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    Resonant MEMS accelerometers

    Hello, Suppose that I have a resonant MEMS accelerometer. It has a suspending beam (resonator) and I want to apply an AC voltage to the beam which will be at beam's resonant(natural) frequency. When I do this, I will create a standing wave pattern of acoustic waves (vibrations) inside the...
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    Force felt by the accelerometer in a smartphone

    My smartphone has an accelerometer inside it. Does the phone itself and the proof mass of the accelerometer feel the same acceleration OR do they feel the same force, when I apply a force to my phone? I think they feel the same acceleration, F=ma. Force felt by proof mass and the force felt by...
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    I Particle accelerometer

    Hi everyone. I want to make a very small accelerometer. (A micro or nanosized MEMS accelerometer) What do you think about this idea? I will have a source which will emit alpha particles. I will place two movable magnets at both sides of the alpha particle. When I apply acceleration to the...
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    I Opal crystals on Mars

    People found silica opals exist on the planet Mars, what does this imply about geochemical conditions on Mars?
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    B Quartz vs. Glass -- why do they have different melting points?

    Why quartz has a higher melting Temperature than glass? Which one is harder and why?
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    The thermal speed of an electron at room temperature

    I am trying to find the thermal speed of electron at room temperature. kT = (1/2)mv^2 which gives v=√((2kT)/m) but answer says it should be √((kT)/m) Where did that 2 go?
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    I Solution of Quantum differential equation

    Assuming answer is real. How do I get from this general answer to ##\phi=A\sin(kx)+B\cos(kx)##
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    I Angular momentum and spin unit

    So does that mean we can't measure ##\frac {\sqrt 3} 2 \hbar## (since it involves all direction of vectors) but we can measure it only in one direction which gives us a result of ##\pm \frac 1 2 \hbar## ?
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    I Solution of Quantum differential equation

    (I think I couldn't add the image) you can see my answer in link (Please first see my answer in the link) But in answer it is φ= Asin(kx) + Bcos(kx) I know that euler formula is eix = cosx +isinx But I can't get this answer can you help me?
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    I Angular momentum and spin unit

    Do you mean the net magnitude of total spin vector is ##\frac {\sqrt 3} 2 \hbar## ? Do we consider spin as a 3-D vector? I mean if spin is a vector like A(x hat) + B(y hat) + C(z hat). Is ##\frac {\sqrt 3} 2 \hbar## = sqrt( A^2 +B^2 +C^2)
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    I Angular momentum and spin unit

    I know that spin is a type of intrinsic angular momentum. For electron spin is (1/2)ħ . But unit of (1/2)ħ is J.s, which is not the unit of angular momentum. Can you please explain this discrepancy?
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    A Scanning Tunneling Microscope I-V curve

    I know that scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) I-V curve is exponential for a conducting sample. How would it look like if I had a semiconductor and a non-conductor sample?
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    I Does spin orbit coupling cause the split in the energy level of the electron?

    Hi, As far as I understand spin orbit coupling is the interaction between proton of atom and electron. Proton's motion(from the frame of electron) around electron creates magnetic field. Hence electron experiences magnetic field. Does this magnetic field produces a Zeeman effect which cause...
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    I Does a free electron have an orbital magnetic moment?

    I know that total magnetic moment of an electron (I am not sure if it is magnetic moment of electron or atom, please clarify this) is sum of magnetic moment caused by orbital motion and spin angular momentum. So, Total magnetic moment = Orbital magnetic moment + spin magnetic moment Do I have...
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    I How can electrons have the same spin in triplet state?

    Can you also explain why we don't have a singlet state as I wrote in the question?
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    I How can electrons have the same spin in triplet state?

    Thank you for clarifiying this issue :)
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    I How can electrons have the same spin in triplet state?

    Hello, I don't understand how can electrons in triplet state can have the same value of spin? Shouldn't the spins be different because two fermions can't have the same state? The following picture explain my question in more detail.