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  1. Simon Peach

    B What is the building block of maths?

    Sets are called the building block of maths, but why? To me sets are a collection of 'things'. Were as numbers are what give the 'things' a meaning. Myself I think that addition is the building block and maybe subtraction, all the other processes, addition and division are only quick ways of...
  2. Simon Peach

    B Question about this Lesson on Square Roots

    In a lesson on square roots this came up (Root) 27 simplifies too 3(root)3 ok. when I work that out it's = 5.196... or if I say 3squard (root)3 this works out to 15.588.... What am I missing?
  3. Simon Peach

    B Question about photons and neutrinos

    while the photon travels at light speed and a neutrino travel at just below light speed why then are photons stopped by an object and the neutrino can past through?
  4. Simon Peach

    B Expansion of the Universe

    As the universe expands all objects are moving away from us, so how is it posible that the Andromeda galaxy is on a path to merge with our galaxy?
  5. Simon Peach

    B Self-energy Operator

    This a quote from Nature of the 30 of june 2022 'Like the electron, the muon has a magnetic field that makes it act like a tiny bar magnet. As muons travel, they generate various particles that briefly pop in and out of existence." Now I would like to know how 'various particles' pop in and out...
  6. Simon Peach

    Space and time -- Is the term "light year" really correct?

    When something is described as say 7 billion light years away would't it be more accurate to 7 billoin years ago?
  7. Simon Peach

    B The age of the Milky Way galaxy

    It seem incredulous to me that the Milky Way was formed just 13.775 million years after the start of the universe. If this is correct was it in the form that it is today?
  8. Simon Peach

    B When light arrives at the end of space, what happens?

    Light is red shifted further into the red as the object recedes from our viewpoint. So when the object gets so far away that the red shift goes into the infer-red it then disappears from our view at the same time it will be going at a very large percentage of light speed (99.999...%). So light...
  9. Simon Peach

    I NGC7741 Imaging: Should I Stack Images Through IRAF?

    PIxinsight: in Star alignment go to Star Detection and try these settings:- Detection scales try 8 Log Sensitivity try -3 All the rest in star detection leave at default
  10. Simon Peach

    B Gravity and neutron stars

    Thank you all for explaining
  11. Simon Peach

    B Gravity and neutron stars

    So I was right in my thoughts that for a given mass regardless of it's compaction the gravity is the same. This brings up another query: Why is it only black holes colliding that is produce gravity waves that are detected? Is it because the said B/H have such a high density?
  12. Simon Peach

    B Gravity and neutron stars

    I've just watched a vid about jets of matter and neutron stars. It was stated in it that a neutron star is a star that's been compressed from say a sun sized star to the size of a city, every thing OK upto now. Then it goes on to say that it has, the neutron star, enormous gravity, this is were...
  13. Simon Peach

    B Discussing Sterile Neutrino Candidacy as Dark Matter

    No not a mass. Was just reading that they may have been found by the Liquid Scintillator Neutrino Detector and it seemed that if they are so hard to detect here on Earth then they may be a candidate for Dark Matter.
  14. Simon Peach

    B Discussing Sterile Neutrino Candidacy as Dark Matter

    I would like to hear what the opinions are. Could sterile neutrino's be dark matter? I'm sure this has been discussed if not here then somewhere.
  15. Simon Peach

    B When will the Universe end?

    If you are relying on Hawking Evaporation, that's going to be a very very long time.
  16. Simon Peach

    Stargazing NEQ6 Pro Mount Home Position

    If you get a power interruption while it's in use this can cause all sorts of problems, you then maybe require a resync of the home position,
  17. Simon Peach

    B Are circular orbits normal

    " the circular orbit is very special case of elliptical orbit - not very likely to occur." Why? This is very likely to be rubbish, when you swing a ball on a rope around your head the orbit is circular, replace the rope by gravity and it's still a circular orbit.
  18. Simon Peach

    B Are circular orbits normal

    If we take 1 high gravity object and 1 smaller object at a distance from the first object, the first is stationary in relation to the smaller object, and it is in orbit around the first. Will the orbit be circular the center of mass of the two? Now if we put an other object in a different orbit...
  19. Simon Peach

    B North and South poles of Mars are at different temperatures?

    Aren't our pole at different temps? Or am I missing the point of the post?
  20. Simon Peach

    I Extragalactic planets

    Seems like a very long bow to me.
  21. Simon Peach

    I ‘Tabby’s Star’ a binary?

    well that's what I thought from the beginning
  22. Simon Peach

    I ‘Tabby’s Star’ a binary?

    Oh well! it is dust!
  23. Simon Peach

    B Echo of a wavelength

    Yes to the questions. As for the last part, I don't think it: I'm just surmising. If there was some observable "echo" then a generic sensor could be produce so that all wave lengths could be observed at the same time. Of course it would take a great deal of computing power, I image much more...
  24. Simon Peach

    B Echo of a wavelength

    Sorry, what I'm thinking is that if a wave after arrival at the sensor and after being detected the resultant change from the native wavelength to the image, does that image have any echo of the incoming wavelength. (It's starting to confuse me!) Let me try and explain with an hypothetical...
  25. Simon Peach

    B Echo of a wavelength

    In the electromagnetic wave lengths say from x-rays to the 21 cm hydrogen line, the wave has a wave length. When it hits a receiver, eye, camera sensor whatever, it is turned into an electrical signal that can be interpreted by that device. Now we get to my question, is there an echo of that...
  26. Simon Peach

    Stargazing A southern sky image

    From where I used to live this was a naked eye object, you had to have good seeing and dark adapted eyes and also know where to look, now I've move into town it's gone :( and I'm only in a 2 dark sky area!
  27. Simon Peach

    B How do astronomers find the "parallax angle" of a star?

    It's found by a formula called the 'small angle approximation' I think!
  28. Simon Peach

    B Confused by this: What does 10^10^79 mean?

    Just have wish I hadn't!
  29. Simon Peach

    B Confused by this: What does 10^10^79 mean?

    Thanks fresh_42, I sort of thought that but it's good to have it confirmed by someone that knows a bit more maths than I do
  30. Simon Peach

    B Confused by this: What does 10^10^79 mean?

    I was reading a book on black holes by Kip Thorne the other day, well weeks really, and I came across this in one of the footnotes 10^10^79 (10 to the power of 10 to the power of 79) And I really don't know what it means. Does it just mean what it says? If it does can you raise a power to a power?
  31. Simon Peach

    I Dark matter theories

    My god wish I'd never read the article incorrectly.
  32. Simon Peach

    I Dark matter theories

    yep your right I was getting all excited but then there is this paragraph You have probably heard about the hunt for dark matter, a mysterious substance thought to permeate the universe, the effects of which we can see through its gravitational pull. But our models of the universe also say...
  33. Simon Peach

    I Dark matter theories

    Looks like Dark matter may have been wheedled out of the spaces it inhabits as this article in the Newscientist is correct
  34. Simon Peach

    I ‘Tabby’s Star’ a binary?

    starting to look like dust around it
  35. Simon Peach

    A KIC 8462852 (dipping again in March 2018)

    A conglomeration of dark matter?
  36. Simon Peach

    Any SF that foresaw the present?

    To say it was unimpressed is praising it
  37. Simon Peach

    Any SF that foresaw the present?

    what about 'water world'?
  38. Simon Peach

    B Collision of stars

    looks like a problem for the Drake equation, but different parameters!
  39. Simon Peach

    Very interesting article on ancient tablet

    symbolipoint; it wasn't a question but an article that may (may) refute Pythagoras as the discoverer of the theorem named after him, and by 1500 years!
  40. Simon Peach

    Very interesting article on ancient tablet <Moderator's note: link corrected, Article intro added>
  41. Simon Peach

    I What did we know about stars in 1950?

    In the late '50s when I became interested astronomy it was said that there was no way that we could ever see a star. The only way we will ever see them is as a point of light, "the laws of optics would never let us see the star as anything other than as a point" !
  42. Simon Peach

    TV shows, movies, and books that are ruined for you by physics

    no of course it doesn't but the full moon only ever rises as the sun is setting at temperate and tropical latitudes
  43. Simon Peach

    TV shows, movies, and books that are ruined for you by physics

    One thing that get me going is were a full moon is shown rising in the middle of the night
  44. Simon Peach

    I Dark matter and black hole interaction

    What if dark matter is the product of black holes? That is, another form of matter that exists in our universe but is undetectable by the normal forms of observation.
  45. Simon Peach

    Any SF that foresaw the present?

    1984, the piano player, just 2 of the top of my head but there are lots
  46. Simon Peach

    B Astronomers' Opinion on Wow! Signal: Evidence of ET?
  47. Simon Peach

    I ‘Tabby’s Star’ a binary?

    Here is another off the wall thought; could it be in a binary system with a small black hole? It would be small but gravitational lensing could account for the large amount of dimming. more plausible than a mega structure
  48. Simon Peach

    Today I learned

    Is that what anorexics have?
  49. Simon Peach

    I ‘Tabby’s Star’ a binary?

    What about it being a binary with a brown dwarf as the other star?