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    Black hole microstates and string theory

    Can someone give me a Pop science explanation of what do strings and Branes have got to do with black hole entropy. The no of degrees of freedom or the no of microstates of the black hole corresponding to a given macrostate is given by exp(S),where S is entropy of black hole which is related to...
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    Gravity and string theory

    Not that i know any much physics(im just an amteur like you) but i think you learning string theory is going to take a really really long time try strating with zweibachs textbook its supposed to be for undergrads but even that is a tough read.I stopped reading it because i realized i need to...
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    Gravity and string theory

    what are gravitons?? what to you mean by a vibrating string? what is vibrating on the string? why string theory (old one) requires 26 dimensions? what are the equations of motion governing a classical string? etc etc... etc etc...