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    Evolution Factors: Beyond Mutation, Molecular Drive & Variation

    Beside mutation, molecular drive, and variation of genetic, what are the factors which triggled the evolution?
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    The Biggest Brain on Earth: Examining Creature Sizes

    Just wondering...what is the factor to determine cleverness, and how?
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    How do we control our thinking?

    For example, when you are doing an essay, you must get some idea to write. Thus you send an impulse through the nerve cell to the brain. But what send the impulse, and how is it controlled?
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    Communication among animals

    As we all know, animal can communicate with each other with body language, sounds, etc. just like human. But does every animal of the same species communicate the same way? For example, are cats in different areas communicate the same way?
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    When do livings acquire the ability to think?

    If I am not wrong, the most primitive life is in molecular form. Somehow, they acquire the ability to duplicate themselves, and get better and better through evolution. But, how, and when do livings acquire the ability to think?(In other words, acquire a brain)
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    What exactly is brainwave?

    According to some researcher, brain wave can be divided to thita,gama,beta and alpha wave. But what forms the wave? What affects it? Or it doesn't exist at all?
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    What are the factors that cause mutation?

    Since virus can alter the DNA in a cell, is it possible that virus is another element of evolution?
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    What are the factors that cause mutation?

    Mutation is one of the important factors to cause evolution, but besides radiation, what cause mutation to happen? Is it happen naturally?
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    Is there such thing as de-evolution?

    I wonder whether there is such things as de-evolution? In the past, there's an extinct bird called Do Do bird (Is it? I am not quite sure.).At first, it can fly, but several years later, somehow their wings become unable to fly, which made them vulnurable to predator and consequently led to...