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    Court Rules Atheism a Religion What are your thoughts about this? I didn't post this in the politics section becaues I think it has some philosophical significance.
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    David Blane's Card Tricks

    oh well, even if those are all fake, i could never stand on a giant pole suspended in the air like 100 feet high with a diameter of about 2 1/2 feet for 72 hours, or all those other things he's done
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    David Blane's Card Tricks

    There was another thing where he took a quarter and he said something like a quarter heats up when u squeeze it. So he does that, then he actualy bites part of the quarter off. Then he actually like spit the piece of quarter he bit off and madde it somehow latch onto the piece of quarter he was...
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    David Blane's Card Tricks

    I was watching this little show last night on TLC of David Blane walking around the streets and doing his magic tricks. Some of it, I could believe was real, some of it, no way in hell. He actually levitated off the ground a few times, and it looked EXTREMELY real and all these little tricks he...
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    Why Do We Laugh? - Exploring the Science Behind Laughter

    I've never seen this discussion in a forum anywhere... but I'd really like to know if there is a scientific explanation for laughing. We seem to laugh on a daily basis and me, over the silliest of things. Simple controversial use of words can trigger laughing. But it always seems that something...
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    Measuring Beauty | Can Beauty be Quantified?

    I don't think anybody mentioned anything about this, but... symmetries in nature are naturally beautiful.
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    Is time a thing or human concept?

    I think time is simply a distinction from one event to another. Like watching the second hand on a clock tick as guile said. Motion of things sort of define time. Imagine a universe where everything stood completely still; you'd be hard-pressed to determine whether time is flowing or not. And...
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    Can you prove you exist?

    Maybe reality is simply brought about by consciousness and senses. If you've never heard sound before how could you really be sure it exists. If you've never seen anything before how could you really be sure it exists etc. Sense is the most fundamental aspect of reality (you can't describe to...