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    Do Monitors Ruin Eyesight?

    Ok, so I need this to be cleared up. I've been using 40 contrast/brightness on a CTR monitor. I used to have it to something really bright and my eyes would start to hurt after a while, when I toned it down (a lot) it really helped. But, if you went outside, it's really bright there's a lot more...
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    Medical Lucid Dreaming: Technique and Difficulty

    I did more research on this topic, and I found out there are very many techniques and some science behind lucid dreaming. A 100% legit site is here The forums there are extremely active and there's a bunch of tutorials on lucid dreaming and what-not, check it out. What I was...
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    Fetus Infetus (fetus in a man)

    Last night I was watching "101 Things Removed From the Human Body" on TLC. The last thing was like a fetus that has been growing inside a man for over 36 years. I said "wow..." I was just dieing to know how this process works of a man growing a twin fetus inside of them. (By the way, they showed...
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    Medical Lucid Dreaming: Technique and Difficulty

    Hmm, when I have a lucid dream, I am usually horribly terrified yet, I can't even see what's going on in my dream, and I WANT to wake up and get out, but yet I am drawn toward this terror... very strange... When I finally do wake up, I feel as if I have been transferred to another reality, like...
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    Medical Are Animals Right or Left-Handed?

    I was just curious to know whether most animals are right-handed (as humans are) or are they left-handed. But maybe it could be broke up into mammals, amphibians etc.