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    I've dumped video games for physics

    I need video games or else I will explode, that happens to me sometimes...
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    Bird-Powered Car: How to Make It

    way too much free time...
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    When you dig a hole, where does the dirt go?

    Does this mean we are going to run out of dirt!? Conserve dirt for a dirtier tomorrow!
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    Incompetence in the workplace

    well, I was asked to be the admin for the engineering section of the school computers. As part of this I had to redo all the networking because we got some new mini hubs that were to replace the old 10mbit hubs. So I hooked everything up and daisy chained all four hubs together and everything...
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    Best Console Games:

    Megaman 2-4 Goldeneye Zelda: oracle of time Toejam and Earl Although almost no one has ever heard of it, conflict for nintendo
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    Best Computer Games?

    Graphics don't last, gameplay does
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    Who cares about nursing homes?

    I've been to nursing homes and I felt good about helping people there, but all I can think about is how depressing it is. I keep saying in my head "god I hope this never happens to me". Its really sad.
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    I ain't asking for much

    Don't even start with me, I haven't even gone out with a girl before and I'm 17! Truth is...I'm afraid of rejection :cry:
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    Best Computer Games?

    I'm sorry people but doom3 is overrated. Its graphics are great, but that's what the game was made for. Doom3 was made for the engine, not the gameplay. edit: /me gives another shout out to space empires IV :tongue2:
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    Best Computer Games?

    space empires, X-COM and goldeneye for N64
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    Donate a Gmail Invite

    alright, I have 1 invite up for grabs ...and recon got it.
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    I drink distilled water

    how is tap water "unclean"? Where I live its checked multiple times a day. Wouldn't using a distiller get rid of some of the good stuff in tap water such as floride?
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    Life is like a box of coffee chocolates

    Your posts have always cheered me up jimmy so I hope I can do the same for you. I'm younger than you so I guess I can't give you any worthwhile advice, but keep at it jimmy, if you work for it, something good is bound to happen to you.
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    Alien trade

    #3, if we had a genuine AI with a little time we could have these things anyway
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    Something to sing about

    this is horrible, I downloaded all the songs...I'm such a geek.
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    High-Paying Jobs: What Should You Study?

    I'd love to design and program games. Lucky for me I can do this in my spare time
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    Help - I'm Afraid of Fire

    I can't help you there, I like fire...In fact, I like fire a little too much
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    The Moller Flying Car

    Why must I be taunted by such things. By the time I ever see a flying car in action I'll be 50 and it will only be affordable to very rich people.
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    The Next 100 Billion Years

    "2015 - I become rich" 2016- I become a thief
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    My Surprising Super Geek Score: Reflections on the Geek Stereotype

    Super Geek. Worst part is...I've taken this test before. Its good to be a geek :biggrin:
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    How many folks on here own boats?

    I have a remote control boat. Doesn't quite make it up to 70mph, but hey...I have a boat =)
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    Love the Dodgers? Post here ->

    how did the binoculars look after this?
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    I hate cats

    cats are evil and everyone knows it. We all saw all dogs go to heaven right, now where did the cats go?
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    Needed: a Ban on Unsolicited Toe-Licking?

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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    What's the best advice your father ever gave you ?

    "Don't screw up!" -Dad good ol' dad, always giving me helpful advice. Yes he still does give out advice.
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    What are you most afraid of?

    loseing hope that some day I'll actually make something of myself
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    Hacking bluetooth

    this site is just what I wanted ---> I don't care if someone deletes this topic now
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    Hacking bluetooth

    I saw this and I thought that just learning about bluetooth and how to mess with it would be really fun this summer. maybe its just the sniper rifle, but it made learning about bluetooth sound really fun :biggrin: Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to...
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    Rediscovering Old Music

    Nirvana is my favorite band. Today I think quality music has become less important than the marketing of the music to make money.
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    They think that you think that you think that

    Lucky for me I don't have that problem. Nobody I know thinks that I am better than them. Sounds like that person is just a little bit insecure.
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    Dune by Frank Herbet

    The Count of Monte Cristo, what a great book. I must have read that book a good 3 or 4 times.
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    News Can a former president be appointed to a cabinet position?

    "It's more lucrative for them to write a book and run around the world making speeches. Here's one example" exactly. and after being president for 4 years you might want to take a break from real politics
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    Bidding Farewell - Bob's Adventures in Norfolk, England

    I'll be the first one Welcome back bob!
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    Some questions about Robert

    I have some questions about vance like...why would you post something that nobody but you understand?
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    Making a Flame Thrower: Safety Tips & Risks

    and point away from your friends...unless you don't want to share the flamethrower with them
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    Hello all

    hey, I've been here a whole year and nobody offered me coffee and cookies! Alright...who's been taking my share of coffee and cookies? Which one of you is it? :tongue2:
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    TOEFL English Preparation Website

    jimmy, everyone knows what TOELF english is. Its when you send messages in english to your left toe. Its also used to write messages in english to those crazy little elves. -that was a really horrible attempt at humor.
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    Friday July 16th

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    Time on the computer related to bad vision?

    Ok, I'm going to put this to rest or at least try. A computer might give you eyestrain, but it won't permenently worsen you vision. My parents have thick glasses, so does my brother and just about everyone in my family except for me. I have 20/15 vision and I've been playing games on the...
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    Warcraft III and Ground Control II

    "80-3" you play that game way too much decibel :surprise:
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    Campus are running Microsoft Windows XP

    I used knoppix to recover some data from a friend's virus infested computer. Works very well
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    Monkey walks upright after near death experience

    hey, posture is reletive!
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    Warcraft III and Ground Control II

    Although I liked warcraft III, its nothing new. Its what is known as a "polished turd". There isn't one new thing in wcIII that isn't in some other game. As far as ground control II is concerned, I've played the original and enjoyed it very much although it did get a little tedious after a while.
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    Mario and The Mushroom

    everyone likes supermario! its a classic.
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    Exploring the Reality of Top Schools

    I've wanted to go to MIT as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, I never push myself to get the A, I always skipped the homework and got the B. Is there any chance a strait B student with a few A's could get in or is that impossible?
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    Snakes and worms

    you know, emu tastes like hotdog. just thought i'd add that in
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    Senator Hatch on ET

    "He was the highest ranking intelligence officer for the worlds only nuclear strike force, at Roswell" I forget his name, but until I heard about him I really gave no thought to any of this stuff. Seriously, you don't give one of the most important jobs in the country to just anyone.
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    My brother's computer

    This is a semi-humorous rant about my brother and his computer. :rofl: I wanted to play a game with him so I went to move a .5gb file onto his shared folder. I get an error message saying that he had too much stuff in his folder. I look in the folder and I see all sorts of warez stuff, a...