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    Quantum Computing at Canada

    Hi gays, Can anyone help me to find an excellent university in Canada that offers Msc and Phd on Quantum computing?
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    Mandl and Shaw 4.3

    Ok, [j^{\mu}, j^{\nu}] =0 where j^{\mu} =\overline{\psi}(x)\gamma^{\mu}\psi (x) Is this true?
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    Inverse Mellin transform

    ok but Why you choose the pole -n ? i can take the residue at n and 0
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    Inverse Mellin transform

    Can anyone gave me a solved example on Inverse Mellin transform?
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    Spin ½ Particles: Turning Twice for Identical Results

    Why it doesn't look the same if one turns spin ½ particles through just one revolution but it will be the same if we turn them through two complete revolutions?
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    Weak Interaction Invariance Under CPT Symmetry

    would you please expline further? How can I prove that?
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    Weak Interaction Invariance Under CPT Symmetry

    Is weak interaction invaraint under CPT Symmetry? Why?