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    I Understanding Operators in Matrix Mechanics

    I'm trying to understand some notes that I have been given on Matrix Mechanics, specifically how the matrix element comes about and builds a matrix which when used applies the effect of an operator on a wavefunction. But I'm having some difficulties following what's being done in the notes with...
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    I Taylor Series for Potential in Crystals

    Hi, I've been reading the passage attached below and from what I understand we are looking at a 1D chain of atoms and if anyone atom moves it changes the potential for surrounding atoms and cause a change in energy in the system so the total energy is dependent on all the positions of the atoms...
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    I Linear combinations of atomic orbitals

    So I've been looking at covalent bonds and come across the approx you can do of the molecular orbital for ##H^+_2## by just summing two 1s orbitals, the method is called the linear combinations of atomic orbitals, and you get what is below which I believe is exact in this case since the 1s...
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    I Energy needed for an Ionic Bond

    Hi, so I've been learning about the energy transfers for an ionic bond, but my understanding breaks down at what seems to be the last hurdle. I will write what I know so far. So we need some energy that is listed as the ionisation energy to remove electrons from one atom then we need to put the...
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    I What is meant by coupling?

    Hi, I have come across the word coupling a few times looking at surface plasmons and surface plasmon polaritons. I was wondering if anyone could give me a better understanding of what it means for something like a photon to couple to a plasmons to creating a plasmon polariton. From what I'm...
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    What is meant by Spectral and Spatial Shaping of a laser

    Hi, I am new to the forum so apologies if I placed this in the wrong subforum though I think the subject is classical enough to be here. I was hoping to get a concise answer to what is meant by spectral and spatial shaping of a laser. My intuition says that we are modifying the amplitude of the...