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    Time to React: Calculating the Pilot's Response

    A jet is flying 200 feet above a level plain at 800 mph. Suddenly, the ground begins to rise at a 5 degree slope. How much time does the pilot have to raise the nose before the aircraft strikes the ground? I came up with (200tan(85))/(800x1.466) seconds. The 1.466 converts the initial...
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    Kinematics Problem and final velocity

    So then they are: Vx(t) = Vi + [-2t + (3/2)t^2] x(t) = Xi + Vi(t) + [-t^2 + (1/2)t^3] With Vi meaning initial velocity and Xi meaning initial position. I just solved it, thanks for the correction.
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    Kinematics Problem and final velocity

    Problem: The acceleration of a particle is given by Ax(t) = -2.00m/s^2 + (3.00m/s^2)t. A) Find the initial velocity such that the particle will have the same x-coordinate at t= 4.00s as it had at t= 0. B) What will the velocity be at t= 4.00s? Work so far: Integrated to get these: Vx(t)...