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    Ending Apple's Cult of Mac Addicts

    People talk about the Microsoft monopoly all the time but no-one seems to see that apple is far worse. Apple even include code in their 'hardware' so that you can't run their OS, even if you pay for it, on another platform, unless you already own one and then yu technically can't use them both...
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    What do you think about the Mac G5

    That's really interesting. They also used a single processor in the Dual Dell the G5 and used OSX up against Redhat when it would seem that they could have used SUSE linux on each machine for a more direct comparison of hardware specific power. Although they did use less memory in the G5 which...
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    Problems w/ Computer

    A couple of things I would do- - If you have a spare video card around, try putting that in and see if you have the same issues. If you don't you could have a bad video card. - I've also seen similar problems with ram issues. I've used DocMemory to diagnose a problem with incompatible...
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    Voices in winamp

    In order to use this plugin, you must have WinAmp 2.0 or greater installed. It also requires a stereo stream to work properly, and the higher the bitrate the better. To enable it, just go into the Preferences (CTRL-P), and select 'AnalogX Vocal Remover' from the list; a slider will appear...
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    Large file that i have scanned

    If it's an image you would have to upload it to a host site then link to it as an image in the forum. If you just want to show the text use an OCR program. One might have come with your scanner but you can download a good one at I've used this one a couple of times and it...
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    Voices in winamp

    Ask and you shall recieve Raavin :)
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    A personal re-entry suit

    Here's something close and some other stuff [Broken] Heat generated through reentry might be a problem when the atmosphere is too thin to slow you but I don't think it's impossible. Raavin
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    Powering and artificial heart?

    Powering and artificial heart?? Is there any way that one can construct a heat exchanger that concentrates the energy from heat into a smaller space? Eg a big plate at a certain temperature which concentrates heat into a higher temperature in a smaller area. I'm thinking not. If you can't, is...
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    Linux is great

    The only real reason I have any interest at all in linux is the Open Source/Freeware aspect of it. If I was going to use it seriously I would be trying to steer away from things like KDE. I'm sure that at some stage in the future, when the time is right, you will have to buy it. I don't think...
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    How holographic technology will progress in the near future

    I'm pretty sure you really need some sort of reflector, like dust or mist, for traditional holograms too, otherwise the light doesn't get to your eye. You also can't just stop light at a certain length. Unless you could get the mist to form the shapes you wanted I'm not sure how this would work...
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    How holographic technology will progress in the near future

    That's actually an interesting idea. What if you had liquid crystal display that span around really quickly. Would our persistance of vision allow us to see a 3d image? I'll have to think about this a bit more. Raavin [?]
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    How holographic technology will progress in the near future

    I found a site recently that uses the idea of modular, self organising robots to potentially create a 'holodeck' type experience. The robots organise into different shapes and I suppose could create a moving landscape too. One of the problems with holograms is depth. You could do movies like...
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    How holographic technology will progress in the near future

    You could create your own 3d tv by putting two cameras eye distance apart and using an editing program to get them in sync and put them side by side. Then you cross your eyes, focus, which isn't easy, and you have a 3d image. Raavin
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    Is there a quick and easy way to watermark my images?

    Try this site. Has some java that prevents right clicks on images and some other stuff too I think. Probably won't stop someone who is really determined and can't stop someone from doing a screenshot, but I think it's what you're...
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    Anybody here into making robots?

    Have thought about it before, but just recently I had a brianwave about a new type of robot I want to develop. Here's the idea. Basically I want to design a small cube which can grip and roll around another identical cube. The cubes would sit on a special base which is powered. The power...
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    What's wrong with my battery?

    Could be a battery memory problem. Try draining the battery completely then recharging it as recommended in the manual for the first use. Usually that's about 6 hours I think. Sometimes if you charge it for more you get memory problems again. By memory I mean that the battery will only top up to...
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    Linux is great

    Must admit, although I'm embarassed to say, I've never had anything but problems with linux. Tried Redhat and Mandrake with errors up the butt. Stable? I don't think so. I've had problems with crashes much more than I ever have with Window$. I love the whole open source concept, I gone from...
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    New type of hard drive idea.

    A hard drive crash without some serious issues with the running of your machine is probably unlikely anyway. A 2 drive RAID system (there are a couple of setups, one for speed and one for redundancy) is probably better. If your HD died, chances are your data is ruined. Even good data recovery...
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    Creating an Operating System from Scratch: Looking for Advice

    I'm pretty sure that for win95 and up (98 and up at least), that the command line bits aren't actually required for the OS. I'm pretty sure you can safely delete them, etc. with no ill effects. Unless of course you need to load some stuff from dos before windows loads. You can...
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    Creating an Operating System from Scratch: Looking for Advice

    As I said, my assembly experience is almost exclusively win32, and mainly for cracking in my younger days, so manipulating disassembles files and editing in assembly or hex. I do feel much more comfortable with assembly than other languages, although I probably haven't taken much time with...
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    Creating an Operating System from Scratch: Looking for Advice

    Well to start, no I haven't. I've played a bit in years gone by with assembly but mainly, well pretty much exclusively, in win32. Just out of interests sake: What compiler are you using? Are you starting from absolute scratch? Do you have a plan of what you want or what you fantasise...