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    Finding mass of paperclip using Millikans theory

    Assuming all the paperclips weighed the same, wouldn't it be fair to say that the mass of an envelop filled will a random number of paper clips will have a mass equal to the sum of the mass of the envelop and an integer multiple of the mass of a single paperclip? In otherwords, if the mass of...
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    Frictionless physics problem

    1) Here are the equations you need: Circumference = 2*pi*Radius Speed = Distance / Time Centripetal Force = Mass * (Speed^2) / Radius So, if you know the Centripetal Force, what do you think the tension on the rope would be? 2) You should be able to use the equation for centripetal force I...
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    Rearranging an equation

    Well, it's good he decided to chroot before doing an rm -rf /* :smile:
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    Chain consisting of five links

    You can use a singe F=ma to describe the net force applied to the entire chain, and if the only forces acting on the chain are the force pulling the top link pulling up and graving pulling the entire chain down, the net force acting on the chain = the force pulling up on the top link of the...
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    Some true and false questions

    :D Already made the edit
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    Some true and false questions

    You are definitely right about #1 #2) You are right #3) If this question writer is an a$$hole, he may count a net force of zero #4) You are right about this one. The forces would be equal #5) You are right #6) Ah, speed is used instead of velocity. Velocity is a vector, while speed is a...
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    Some true and false questions

    It looks like you have the right idea.
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    Calculating Normal Force

    The formula typically used for this scenario is (The Force of Kinetic Friction) = (The Coefficient of Friction) * (The Normal Force) For the weight of the block, you should realize that both weight and force are the same units. For an object resting on a horizontal surface the normal force and...