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    The Clem Conical Pump Engine

    I have found a few sites that contains plans for a hydraulic engine that could run itself for a total of nine days." [Broken]" [Broken] Would it be practical to use this as an engine.
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    Hydraulics instead of internal combustion engine

    i recently heard that ups is designing and testing a hydraulic system to power a torque converter for an efficient delivery system i need to know the validity of the situation and the plausibility of it being run by an electrically powered motor.
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    Automatic/standard transmission

    Sorry for the long wait. I Never recived e-mail notification until today. As of what I ment J-Man answered that by giving me information on the Sequential Transmission. My concept was all wrong. And the hybrid transmissions were very interesting. I than you for all your help
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    Automatic/standard transmission

    How does a hybrid transmision work? Both automatic and standard
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    Slapstick Transmission

    I have seen the shifters for the slapstick transmissions(automatic and standard) I am just wandering how do they work?