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    Physics equation map?

    Physics equation map? Does anyone know if there is some sort of 'map' or flowchart available whereby you can use the information you have and trace your way through directions to get another result eg. start at distance/time ==Differentiate=> velocity =differentiate=>...
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    Overlooked wavefunction duality

    I'm an idiot but in lay terms are you talking about all wavefunctions (particles and their properties) being linked regardless of apparent distance and these wavefunctions interacting in a phase space where, if we are to use an analogue to 3d space, everything is colocated?? Raavin [?]
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    Why we can't go back .

    something silly. I have a fantastic (as in fantasy) theory that matter is actually a wave phenomenon and that space is an illusion created by the interaction of the 'waves'. There is more detail but I won't go into it here. Suffice it to say that the idea implies that past events are retained...
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    Controversial subject of Time Travel

    When you arrived 24hrs in the future you would have seen your other self sitting in the chair. When you went back and waited for the 24hrs to elapse, sure enough, you would appear in front of you and sit down and exactly the same things you remember happening in your time jaunt would happen...
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    Controversial subject of Time Travel

    Not these days :wink: Just say it's 12 noon and you plan to leave at 2pm to go back to 1pm which is currently in your future. Your partner writes the note and gives it to you. At 1pm another you would appear in the time machine, take the note out, read it and get back in the time machine. At...
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    Controversial subject of Time Travel

    I don't think so. When both event are over, they are over. There would only be two yous if you only made 1 trip. Maybe I'm wrong. The other bit about your spatial position, I mentioned further up the thread. I must admit I'm quite chuffed with my time singularity idea. I might think about...
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    Controversial subject of Time Travel

    Thing is, if there was only the one time line, you wouldn't have a choice. Something would force you into going through exactly the same steps your time traveling doppleganger went through. Otherwise you wouldn't have appeared in the first place. There isn't really an infinite loop 'cause once...
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    Controversial subject of Time Travel

    You are sitting in the lab next to your machine and ask your lab partner to write a message on a piece of paper which you will read to yourself when you see yourself in your futures past, which will actually be in about 10 seconds. The machine appears and the other you steps out, pulls out the...
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    Controversial subject of Time Travel

    If you traveled to the future you would not exist in the time from leaving to arriving, because you disappeared in the past and the event of you going back hasn't happened yet. What you are talking about is a splitting in two of yourself or of the timeline. It's a common theme about not being...
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    Crackpot theories

    Here goes- - dolphins communicate by transmitting 3d visual images using the same sonar stuff they use to look for food etc. Idea based on the clicks and whistles seeming more like modem chatter than speech and some stuff I saw on a documentary that showed dolphins identifying hidden 3d...
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    The best commonly understood physics

    GR then SR. They should both be taught. Then maybe I would have stayed at high school . I only have a year 10 high school education. That was more than 15 years ago. Raavin ps. what do you mean by interpret?