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  1. cytokinesis

    Permanent Magnets & TV screen

    I'm not sure what the picture would do if I played while it was close, but I doubt it'd be recordable to a VCR because it's only affecting the screen, not the signal leading to the screen. You could, however, just videotape the screen with a videocamera. The quality would suck though.
  2. cytokinesis

    How do vocal chords work with music - more inside

    Trying to say that there is math underlying everything about music is way off. Music is very mathematical, yes, but if you had a computer generating music, it doesn't have the same appeal as a human generating the music. Even having a human behind the computer makes a big difference. The left...
  3. cytokinesis

    Building a low-energy microwave generator.

    I'm afraid my efforts have been in vain. Perhaps, if you (I'm no expert on ac electronics but...) built a fairly strong radio transmitter, and then tweaked the settings so they extended out beyond the radio bandwidth. Kinda farfetched, and maybe extremely impossible but hey, why not?!
  4. cytokinesis

    Hacking the Female Mind

    So this is what happens when nerds like us speak nerd in reference to females? I've never heard a conversation of this caliber before.
  5. cytokinesis

    Permanent Magnets & TV screen

    One time I did that by accident. I had my guitar amp sitting beside my tv and didn't really notice much of a warping effect but when I moved the amp so I could plug it in and have a go with the guitar, the left half of the screen was a weird purple-ish green colour. It was awesome.