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    Prospective grand unifying theory?

    If you think about it the big picture is what physicists are trying to get at. Here is an example: The human body is made up of many different organs. Now, to understand what these organs do and how they interact and support each other we have to study them individually. Once we do that and...
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    Vibration, density and the aether

    you can imaginatively give 'vacume' any properties you want, but you cannot change the tested facts. kcodon is right, and you cannot look at it as an ocean. It is devoid of matter. Therefore, lacking in material things like mass, weight, pressure, energy, ETC. Yes you are on the right track...
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    Massless Strings?

    I know what you mean. It does sound right and true, But we have to question everything even if it means putting aside our feelings for a while
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    Massless Strings?

    i thought force carrying particles were messenger particles that are used in equations. I'm therefore not sure that there is proof of them existing as a state of masslike matter. Please clear this up for me.