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    Half the size and mass, stronger force of gravity?

    I am pretty sure that the new r is not r/2, but something greater than that (although less than the original r). The decrease in M is much greater than the decrease in r. Meaning that gravity will decrease.
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    Automotive Why don't we see more I6s being produced?

    True, but I would think that for 6 cylinder applications, the straight six would be preferred. It would necessitate a slightly (around a foot or less) longer engine bay, but in all other areas, a straight 6 is superior to a V6 (I think, am i wrong?).
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    Automotive Why don't we see more I6s being produced?

    It has perfect primary and secondary balance, has a smooth power delivery, and can be very fuel efficient. So why do we see so many V6s? Except for BMW and the Cummins diesel, I can't think of another I6 produced today. Back at the dawn of the automotive industry, they were very popular. What...
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    Upstate NY Man Finds Flammable Water from Gas Drilling

    I just read a news article about a man in upstate NY who claims that gas drilling near his home caused gas to leak into his water supply and out of his faucet. He demonstrated this by holding a lighter near his faucet, which causes sparks to flame up. Now, I took chemistry, and know how a...
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    Planck's blackbody radiation law is proved untrue at nanoscale distances

    A well-established physical law describes the transfer of heat between two objects, but some physicists have long predicted that the law should break down when the objects are very close together. Scientists had never been able to confirm, or measure, this breakdown in practice. For the first...
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    There is no such thing as Nuclear Waste

    What do you guys think of this editorial? It was published about a month ago. It claims that almost all spent nuclear fuel is reprocessable and what is not can be either used for something, or safely stored until we could find some other use for it. And the only reason why we don't reprocess...
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    Why do living beings die?

    If cells can always reproduce and replace themselves then why do living beings die? Living beings die due to the cumulative effects of years of free radical damage to the cells of the body.
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    Nuclear batteries

    If they figure out how to manufacture them efficiently, we might see nuclear powered batteries in a few years. It seems from this article that engineers were finally able to convert radioactive decay into a useful form of power...
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    Schools Business Schools?

    Check out the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvainia. It has both undergraduate and graduate divisions, and is considered by many beople to be the best business school in the world.
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    Thermoacustic freezer

    A freezer was recently invented for Ben and Jerry's by researchers at Penn State called the thermoacustic freezer. It freezes with sound waves. Ben and Jerrys likes this because it is more enviromentally friendly than regular refrigeration, since regular refrigeration gives of...
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    How to win at a casino using physics and math [Broken] In case anyone here is looking for an alternate career path than the usual physics jobs, this is a good alternative. :rofl:
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    Physics misused in advertising (that most people wouldnt notice)

    This stie rates movies based on the physics contained within them:
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    Is Too Much Vitamin C Bad for You?

    Linus Pauling was, according to many, the greatest chemist ever. He discovered most of what is written in chemistry textbooks today. He won 2 Nobel Prizes, one in Chemistry, and the other in Peace. Towards the end of his life he declared Vitamin C a cure-all, and started chugging down obscene...
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    Which science/engineering field?

    Yale, RPI, Oregon State, and Iowa state offer a BS degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics (both in one degree). yo ushould look into those programs. There may be more, but those are the ones that I know of. For more information, type "Biochemistry and Biophysics" major into...
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    Physics, Chemistry, Biology?

    As a current pre med student, I can tell you that medical schools don't care what your major is. You can major in sports history, art, or any other non science major and still get in. However, you do have to have a high total GPA and a high math and science GPA. However, almost every med...
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    Derivative of fraction without quotient rule

    Thanks! For some reason, i did the calculus right but messed up on the algebra. :redface:
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    Derivative of fraction without quotient rule

    The following problem appears in my textbook (before it discusses the quotient or product rule, so those rules cannot be used for the answer): Find the derivative of the function: \frac{x^3-3x^2+4}{x^2} I brought the denominator to the top and multiplied it out to get {x-3+4x^-2}[/ltex]...
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    Sterling hybrid car, will it work?

    Is this "thermoelectric generator" a sterling engine? If there are no other engines that are powered by heat, obviously it must be a sterling. But is this so?
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    Sterling hybrid car, will it work?

    What do you all think about the following idea? A hybrid car could be built using a regular internal combustion engine, with a few small sterling engines connected to a battery resting on top of it. The car will start running on the internal combustion engine, and as it is running the heat...
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    News Soldiers of Good Fortune

    "these guys" are actually cheaper than regular troops. regular troops have an awsome retirement package. uncle sam pays for their medical and dental care, their college (or graduate) education, and many other things. the civillian contractors don't receive any of that.
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    Cell Division of Blood Cells: Facts and Q&A

    You are correct on both things.
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    Cell Division of Blood Cells: Facts and Q&A

    Charles: Stem cells are specialized cells that form mainly in the zygote. They can differentiate into any type of cell in the body. ALmost any cell with a nucleous can reproduce on its own without stem cells. Stem cells are of interest now because researchers think that if you place...
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    Cellular membrane question

    i learned in my cellular biology class today that hydrophillic molecules don't diffuse through the membrane easily, since the inside of the membrane is hydrophobic. my question is that water easily diffuses through the cell membrane, and water isn't just hydrophillic, it is hydro! so why can...
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    Adding organelles to a cell.

    what would happen if you took out the nuclei of many animal cells and injected into them the nuclei of identical plant cells, and put these cells together. i know that they will all grow cell walls, but will their walls fuse together in the test like they do in regular plants?
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    News Pros and Cons of Abortion

    when sperm meets an egg, if nothing else is done, the now fertilized egg will usually implant itself into the walls of a uterous, start dividing into more and more cells, and eventually develop into a living person. for me, that this is enough for it to be called living, the same way a child is...
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    I Love You - Share Your Story!

    its an expression that means "to ask her out on a date, or to show her that you are romanticly interested in her"
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    White men still dominating science posts

    america today is not like the south during the jim crow era. minorities are given equal chances of employment already. it is not right to let underqualified minorities get accepted into programs before qualified non minorities. why? those white professors worked very hard for a long time to...
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    Car Spoilers: Exploring the Basics

    nope, I am just curious about their affect i don't follow le manz, but i saw a clip of that on sportscenter. it was a mercedes. it was probably the scariest racing crash i ever saw. thanks to all who replied to my questions.
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    New type of matter formed
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    An unsafe experiment with centrifugal force [Broken]
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    By what means does the body regulate temperature?

    i think that you guys are forgetting fever. like when a phagiocytes ingest bacteria and are therefore stimulated to secrete interlukin 1, which raise body temprature through the hypothalamus in an effort to kill the bacteria
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    The thing inside our little buddies.

    it does not have any muscles, bones, or thick skin around it to protect it
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    Masculinity and feminity

    hormones are chemicals sent from one part of the body to another. when hormones reach the cell that they are sent to, they bind to different proteins on the outside of the cell. depending on which protein they bind to, or where on a cetrain protien they bind to (diferent sites) they can cause...
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    Mitochondrial genomes are very stable

    why are mitochondria only passed on through the mother? i once heard an explanation for this that mitochondria are coded for on the X chromosome, which comes from the mother. this is a good explanation for men, who have an X chromosome from the mother and a Y chromosome from the father, but a...
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    Car Spoilers: Exploring the Basics

    firstly, i am not an enginneer or a physicist, so if i write something foolish, have that in mind. i have heard that the reason why some cars have spoilers is to counter the upward lift that the air gives to the underbody of the car as it accelerates forward. this stabilizes the car at high...
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    Woman charged with raping man

    I don't know what the law is in norway, but in america i believe the law is that if anyone has sex with someone else without the other person having the ability to reject him or her (i.e. sleeping, drunk or drugged) then it is rape, not sexual assault.
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    Engineer Vs Scientist

    an scientist is someone who studies and/or discovers scientific facts. an engineer is someone who, with the knowledge of these facts, designs practical devices. example: a scientist discovers electricity, circuts, and the wavelength spectrum, and an engineer takes this knowledge and designes...