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    Write a matrix to display the information: x=-10.

    If you can create your own simultaneous equations, then all you have to do is create an augmented matrix and you're done.
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    Subset of a group

    Let's see what we are given. We have G as a group and A as a subset of G. Thus, since G is a group, we have the following giveaways: 1) G is closed under the binary operation 2) G is associative under the binary operation 3) G has an identity element 4) G has an inverse for each element A is a...
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    Determining whether homomorphism or not

    Definition of a homomorphism from a general perspective doesn't necessarily mean that it preserves a multiplicative structure. A homomorphism doesn't even have to be using multiplication as the binary operation. It depends also if you're dealing with let's say, rings, or groups (ring theory...
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    Proving H is normal

    What can you say about the left and right cosets of H in G? Do they coincide under those conditions? Once you can establish that, it is trivial.
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    Average Age

    I'm 22.
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    Drunk/Stoned US Drivers

    Stoned and drunk driving are NOT the same thing. I'm not going to lie. I've used a considerable amount of pot in the past and these "dangers" presented are just ridiculously overstated. I am not encouraging use of it, but I've known no one who was a stoner and had considerable trouble driving...
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    Getting started with Xcode

    If you want to create a standard C++ class, create a new project that is a tool which is a C++ file. There's descriptions there. There's also the XCode manual that you can refer to which basically tells you which project to choose. It's complex-looking at first, but XCode isn't that hard to...
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    Accessing network material

    Well if you know XML, you can create a program that uses resource calls to retrieve and store the information needed. I haven't used C# before, but it should have a tool that can open sockets between two machines so you can retrieve and pass information. Thus, create your program to look any...
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    Java Java and missing images

    The interpreter's location is irrelevant because you can have work-related material in other directories. A standard IDE for Java such as Eclipse can obviously be in a different location (such as c:\eclipse) and compile things fine from other directories because the compiler KNOWS where to find...
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    America's Best Colleges - Forbes

    My school, UC Berkeley, ranks at 73, not bad... edit: and yes, I do not believe in these rankings
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    How often do you get angry?

    I almost chuckled as well.
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    Optimal number of times of brushing teeth?

    Twice a day for me. I just use an electric toothbrush. Feels so good on my teeth and noticeable differences.
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    How often do you get angry?

    In terms of getting angry to the point when I'm shaking (I suppose this is my adrenaline rushing), that happens probably 1-5 times a year.
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    American football starts tonight

    lol, I'm a loyal SD fan I do believe the window is open for them... you can't compare this team to a team from back in the 90s or even a few years back. Football teams continually evolve. That's why you can have a 16-0 team lose to the NY Giants who were what, 0-4 in the beginning of the season?
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    American football starts tonight

    San Diego Chargers are going to take it this season.
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    What to expect today? 8-8-8

    Yep, EA. Heh, got NFS PS today too for free. Thanks for the congrats!
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    What to expect today? 8-8-8

    lucky day got the job :)
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    What to expect today? 8-8-8

    08-08-2008 is the date where I can possibly get a job at EA games.
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    Engineering Co-Op programs are they worth it?

    I think you have understated the value of co-ops in terms of experience. Work experience is as important as education when it comes to engineering IMO. It's not only the cash, but the point is you have real, hands-on work with what is REALLY going on in the industry instead of just reading about...
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    News Obama is too thin to win

    Honestly, what the hell is going on with this world?
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    I know it could be worse, but

    She stole uranium!
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    I know it could be worse, but

    It's actually some pretty good ice cream. Extremely overpriced, but not bad at all.
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    Trying "Astronaut Food" - Have You?

    It's like some powdery type of food but it's somewhat solid. I've tried some of the NASA ice cream and it does taste like the flavor but no-where near actual ice cream obviously.
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    I know it could be worse, but

    Light up a fatty.
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    George W. Bush Memorial Wastewater Treatment Facility

    We can dedicate the parking lot to them.
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    Car travelling at constant speed (embarassed to ask)

    Imbalance of net forces is what causes something to accelerate/decelerate and move or not. As ZapperZ said, you could be stationary or already in motion. If the forces balance, then your velocity will remain constant.
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    Discovering the Right Tea: Rooibos is My Favorite!

    Well it depends on what you drink tea for. For people just trying to get a pep with that generic taste of black tea, then there's not really a need for variation. Green teas come in various flavors and other than the healthy benefits of it, each type of loose-leaf have their own unique taste...
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    Car travelling at constant speed (embarassed to ask)

    If you are providing the car with 10N and the force of friction requires you to exceed 10N to move the car, then if you're providing the same amount of force of friction, you will not move (assuming this car was NOT moving to begin with). In order to move the car you NEED to provide more force...
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    Physics Question?

    A vector by definition is an object with magnitude AND direction. Does displacement have magnitude and direction? One finds that with displacement, you have to know how many units you're moving (magnitude of displacement) as well as where you are going (direction of displacement). Thus yes...
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    Car travelling at constant speed (embarassed to ask)

    If you stopped applying a constant force of 10N, then the car would stop because you'd have friction working against you. If the net force is 0, then the motion remains constant. Basically if you have an imbalance, something is going to speed up or slow down (via F = ma). You don't experience...
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    Car travelling at constant speed (embarassed to ask)

    Constant speed just basically means that the car's acceleration is not changing resulting in an absolute value of velocity that stays fixed. In your example above, if you don't apply enough force to get the car to move, then yes, nothing will happen. In order to apply that force, you need...
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    Discovering the Right Tea: Rooibos is My Favorite!

    I purchased some Fukamushi Sencha by Mayamoto, and when brewed correctly (between 160-175F), the taste of the first steep is nice and rich. Has a veggie taste to it but second steep it was rich and sweet. It doesn't taste bitter at all and has a smooth "green taste" to it (hard to describe, but...
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    Emeril Lagasse leaves Food Network

    I'm glad. Just like you Evo, I also watch Bourdain and Zimmer. I love their shows. The travel channel has better cooking shows than Food Network IMO.
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    Who do you want to see live?

    True, but I wasn't even alive yet when Bonham died. I'll be content with his son living through his footsteps. I just hope he cuts it down with the alcoholism compared to his father. I know it doesn't compare to true LZ concerts, but the one performed in London when they reunited recently was...
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    Diet - Eating healthy

    Lean cuisine.
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    How long can you maintain your concentration span?

    Again, dependent on what I'm reading. I can keep reading something for over 2 hours if I was really really interested in it. If it's boring, sometimes I can't even finish 3/4 of a page or doze off. That's when I have to basically get my mind off it by doing something else then continuing later...
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    Who do you want to see live?

    Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.
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    Are you single, married, or do you have a gf/bf?

    Could be a better one, or could be worse? I don't think it'd matter. You may not be able to do much more work (if you're talking about a /demanding/ girlfriend... but I mean, again, that's a "demanding" gf), but it doesn't necessarily mean the quality of work you do will be degrading.
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    Are you single, married, or do you have a gf/bf?

    Girlfriend of 1 year and 2 months.
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    What time in the morning do you get up?

    My sleeping is so bad I had to shift my classes for the summer after 12:00. I wake up around 10-11 because I tend to work my best around 01:00-03:00. I think my sleeping is permanently borked just like Ivan. This causes me to sporadically nap during the afternoon for possibly 1-2 hours. It...
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    Philosophy Hates Science Too

    Yes. I believe science have elements that are part of a subset of philosophy. For example, one ponders about the reality around them, or on some arbitrary notion. Making assumptions off these ponderings is analogous to philosophizing. Science takes it to another step by actually making use of...
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    Triangular matricies and subspaces

    Ask yourself the following: 1) If all the upper-triangular elements were to take on values of zero, is the zero matrix contained in the subspace (and is this the same zero vector of your vector space? This means it should be an n by n zero matrix). 2) If you add an upper-triangular matrix with...
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    How the internet is changing the world

    50? Maybe for Ray Kurzweil.
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    Discovering the Right Tea: Rooibos is My Favorite!

    Girlfriend is coming over soon so I bought some high quality Japanese green tea, particularly Gyokuro Suimei (roughly 23 dollars for 56 grams/ 2 ounces). Other than that, I've been drinking bagged tea from Tazo. Their China Green Tips really got me into drinking tea. It has NO additives...
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    Most gruesome piece of music you've heard?

    OK, "numetal" it is then. Whatever it's label is, it's garbage.
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    Is the speed of light a constant

    The SPEED of LIGHT slows down in a medium, but the speed of the individual photons do not. Again, it is the interaction between the properties of the medium and the light that causes it to move slower than it would in a vacuum. edit: Pretty much what Nick said (for some reason I didn't see that...
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    Applied Math or Discrete?

    The thing is, applied covers such a broad range of disciplines. It really depends on your program. If discrete offers the programs such as what was said above (CS), and you're thinking about software engineering in the future, then by all means take that path. The problem is in applied math...
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    Most gruesome piece of music you've heard?

    Anything metal I can't stand. Metal, punk, etc. Just sounds like a bunch of yelling and racket if you ask me.
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    Medical Is Saliva Sweet?

    Well, saliva is roughly 98% water so, if they're attracted to "plain water," they for sure will be curious about your saliva. Don't forget there are other things in your saliva as well, such as electrolytes. I don't think it necessarily has to do with you being diabetic.