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    I Antimatter atoms vs atoms with greater mass?

    I was just kinda wondering about this the other day and can't seem to find an answer on Google. Basically I'm wondering what would happen if an atom of anti-hydrogen for example, came in contact with a normal matter atom of greater mass, say a gold atom. I'm figuring that the positron and...
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    Converting a household space heater to DC

    Perhaps then it might be best to just buy a new heater then. Ah well.
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    Converting a household space heater to DC

    Hello, Basically, I use a portable electric space heater to keep my room warm during the winter, and it works quite well, except it makes a very loud hum that keeps me awake, so my options right now are poor sleep due to hum or having my room drop to about 12 C over night if I turn the heater...