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    Functional Derivatives/Euler-Lagrange

    Homework Statement Hi, I'm working on research and I hit a roadblock with something that should be very simple but I can't solve it because it gets so messy. If anyone can let me know how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated. I have a functional T: T = \int_{\lambda_{1}}^{\lambda_{2}}...
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    Help I can not solve this integral

    So, which question is it? (Before I spend a year doing partial fractions, completing the square, substitution, and god knows what else)
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    Help I can not solve this integral

    Did you use partial fractions to get that result? I think he may be referring to: \int{\frac{{x^2}+1}{{x^4}+1}dx}
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    Implicit differentiation

    I'll explain, since apparently the person above me doesn't believe in clarifying? [Broken] Since this equation is comprised of simple polynomials you will be able to differentiate each term by itself. Using the power rule and remembering how...