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    Difference Between these

    ... Thats what I have been telling him Himanshu...I is a more convenient notation for Integers... Sridhar
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    Difference Between these

    ... Doesn't Z denote a Complex functions? I personally feel that using Ifor the set of integers is more convinient than using any other alphabet. Sridhar
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    Question about infinity

    There is a limit to how much we can measure. In fixing this limit we also fix our approximations. When there are infinites of nine we say that it is very close to one and hence approximate it to 1. We could approximate 0.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999... to 0.9, but...
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    Potentially useless

    Hi What you have discovered is just this: The sum of consecutive natural nos is n(n+1)/2. And the median is basically the middle value. And the sum of n natural nos satisfies this. I think ur discovery is evident from the formula. It is nothing new, but, anyway, a good observation. Keep...
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    Evaluating complex multiplication?

    Hi Any complex number a+ib can be represented as R(& theta). Where R is the magnitude and & theta is the phase. So convert the complex number into R(& theta) form and multiply. The R parts multiply while the angle parts add up. e.g. R(& theta)* P(& Theta) = R*P(& theta + & Theta) Got it...
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    Vector Confusion

    Vectors... Hi, Before answering ur qn, let me just tell u these... 2 points are said to be colinear if they lie on the same line. ---A---->----B---> Here in this diagram, points A and B lie on the same line and hence are colinear. Thus when 2 vectors act along the same line, then they...