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    Academic journals practices

    Nothing special. The same content in every review invitation.
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    Literature database?

    There's RePEc for economics:
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    Academic journals practices

    This can be a general thread that others may discuss their experiences. I have a question to which I couldn't readily find an answer: What does it mean when the editor(in-chief, if it makes a difference) sends you papers to review often, like once a month? The editor even sends that person two...
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    Editors of academic journals - Question

    What does it mean when a journal constantly changes managing editors for a revised submission? A journal initially handed down a minor revision for a paper. I became a reviewer after the revision was complete, and saw many shortcomings or mistakes, so I recommended a major revision. It's been a...
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    Perception of Intl Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control - Impact Factor 4

    The international Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control. It has an Impact Factor of around 4, but what's the perception? Is it respected? Is it considered a good journal? There isn't a qualitative judgment online. My boss seems to look down on it, but it has a good impact factor.